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    My GPUs keep getting destroyed

    I've used my computer for five years without any problems but last week my gpu (Zotac GTX 670) started making glitches (blue and green lines and dot's) up to not letting Windows start at all. Assuming it was the gpu I bought a new one Asus Strix GTX 1070 8gb. But after playing games for 1 hour...
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    Best Gaming Laptops (Archive)

    We tested gaming laptops with a series of real-world and synthetic benchmarks to measure battery, cooling, CPU, display, GPU, storage, and overall system performance. Best Gaming Laptops : Read more
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    Free laptop today

    Hi need working laptop to start my business. Thank you
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    PC Blackout Problem

    Okay so I have this problem where my PC randomly gets a black screen, and the weird thing is that my programs are still working for the first like 15 seconds of the black screen then everything just stops. I've waited at the screen for around 15 minutes before to see if it ever returned, but...
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    Prebuilt Budget Machine

    I am in need of a new computer, im currently an MSI GP60 2QF Leopard Pro, Nvidia GTX950M, Intel Core i5-4210H @ 2.90 GHz, 8 GB RAM, and like 750GB HDD. This laptop is a few years old now and with the limited GPU and hard drive space, its a nightmare since i use it for school as well. I need a...
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    Advice on price of pair of used GTX 970s?

    I'm upgrading to a GTX 1080 Ti later this month, and I need to sell my cards. I have a set of EVGA ACX 2.0 SC GTX 970's I bought back in December 2014, I've used them since then and never had a single malfunction, never had a cooling issue, and never overclocked. My friend told me that he...
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    Asrock H270 and M.2 SSD.

    Hello! I recently bought a Asrock H270 Fatality: and a ADATA SU800 M.2: Is there any reason the SSD wouldn't show up in BIOS? It's in the bottom slot, and set to...
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    FPS drops when I play RE 7

    Specs : MSI Rx 480 4gb i7-4790 1900x1080 monitor I played Doom-dues ex mankind on the highest settings and got 60fps stable. Played RE 7 and my fps keeps dropping every 20 sec to 30-20-10 fps Changed my settings from very high to high still have the same problem (Turned off the shadow cache)...
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    Guidance fixing issues

    My desktop is having various issues. I need some guidance to determine the cause of the following: - freezing during windows 10 logo upon startup - random freezing while in windows (playing games but also when just web browsing) - upon restarting after a freeze, my monitor light blinks and...
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    High Usage of CPU and RAM

    Hi. I have just formatted my Sony Vaio laptop using the ASSIST button to turn back to factory settings. I was having some issues like video and audio distortions. So far, the video/audio trouble was solved. However, the task manager shows a CPU usage of 50% when the laptop is idle and almost...
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    Computer won't start after installing new parts. (3 beeps)

    Hello, I just recently added a new motherboard and cpu and when I was complete I turned on my pc to see that my monitor had no dvi signal and hear 3 beeps from the mother board speaker. I know that it means it's a memory failure and I've checked each of the ram 1 by 1 trick and both have beeps I...
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    Aptio utility stuck :(

    I have asus a456u windows 10 and i stuck on aptio utility setup. i was watching youtube and i droped my water bottle onto my laptop and it starts freezing and gives weird sound. i turned off the laptop and opened it later and it brought me to the aptio utility setup, i stuck and cannot do...
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    Asus VIII hero qcode 00 error

    Hi all, First time builder long time learner! I have an issue with my motherboard not posting. Assembled all pieces yesterday Asus Maximus VIII hero, 6700k, 2 x 8 GB corsair's vengeance, H115i aio, Rm850 x PSU and Fractal Arc XL. I have everything together and I'm getting a quote of 00. I...
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    Monitor works only for second, beeps and turns off

    Hello, My monitor lg flatron w2246 works only for a second and beeps and i've tested my pc with my old monitor which works perfectly fine so its has nothing to do with PC. I actually think it has something to do with capacitors so i think it might be capacitors... any suggestion guys ?
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    Will the Gtx 960 Fit in my Motherboard ?

    Asus B85M-G Motherboard and i currently have a Gtx 750Ti running Pci Express. but i don't know if the Gtx 960 will be able to ?
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    what psu would you recommend??

    hello im running an i5 2400 with a gtx 750ti and these are my psu choices Corsair VS450 APFC Cougar 500w SL500 Aerocool Rave 500w 80+ Deepcool DN500 Thermaltake Litepower 550W Thermaltake TR2 S 500W thats all :D
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    Printer HP J 5750 all in one

    HP J 5750 all in one , Color doesn't work after windows 10 loaded. Loaded drivers still no color . Do I need to NOW uninstall and reinstall drivers to correct the issue
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    Win 7 OEM and replace Motherboard

    I need to replace the mobo, but there is nowhere stocking the same model I can find. I have a list of some alternatives, but as I know it you cannot transfer the OEM Win 7 license to another mobo. This still true? Current mobo is the Gigabyte GA H87 HD3. I talked to ms support and they said...
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    How can I get my Bose headphone MIC to work with my desktop computer?

    I recently bought this headphone" I wanted to use this headphone to play games like cs go, specifically, using the mic. It has a mic BUILT IN. For some reason, I cannot get the mic to...
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    overclocking my GPU and CPU

    Hello everybody i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to explain to me how to over clock my Geforce gtx 960 or my intel core i7 2600. Any help is appreciated