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  1. X

    How to run to windows at the same PC at the same time !@

    ^ Hello everyone, I really need a way to RUN 2 windows that run at the same time and at the same PC ! it would be better to run it on 2 different Monitors !
  2. S

    First Time RAID 1 Set Up

    Hi everyone, my main storage drive is about to die, clicking noises etc. I've backed up the important data and will buy 2 new drives to configure in RAID 1. Is it as simple as plugging in 2 new drives, going into the bios and assigning the drives to RAID 1? Motherboard: AsRock FM2A85X Thanks, P.
  3. N

    Looking to build a music recording PC with light gaming capabilities. Around $850USD

    Not sure if the is the proper place to ask, so I apologize in advance Long time lurker and first post. You guys are awesome at helping people realize their build dreams, Im really hoping you can help me out. Ive never built before, and I want to build a PC with the main focus of recording...
  4. C

    How is this computer for csgo?

    Is there a graphics card? Will the touchscreen effect regular gaming at all?
  5. G

    I need some advice for a build!

    I have already made the parts list but I want it below $800 if possible. But I want the same cpu, mobo, and gpu but anything else can change. Thanks!! Link:PC Partpicker Build
  6. V

    R9 290 strange Crash

    Hey Yep i got a problem with the well known R9 290. When i am playing a GPU demanding game like GTA 5 my Screen tend to go fully black. When my screen goes black i see for like 1 second i see some small white stripes on my screen. these are gone after one sec. i got left behind with a full...
  7. C

    fx 8350 zalman 9500

    When stress testing my cpu with prime95 the temps go over 70C. Is the cooler too weak or do u think the cooler is not mounted correctly. The cpu is on 4 Ghz with turbo clock off.
  8. M

    Scan g35i Issue

    Hi, I have recently purchased a G35i system form, the components are: Case - Corsair Carbide Series 200R with USB3 Motherboard - Asus Z87-K, Intel Z87 Chipset CPU - Intel I5 4670k haswell overclocked to 4.2ghz Memory - Corsair vengence 1600 mhz DDR3 Graphics Cards - Evga...
  9. exfileme

    Your Next Giant LCD Could be Made by Foxconn in USA

    Foxconn is talking about building plants in North America and Indonesia. Your Next Giant LCD Could be Made by Foxconn in USA : Read more
  10. A

    Skyrim +HD Textures +ENB Series Question...

    Okay, so on Windows 7 64bit with 8GB RAM, an AMD FX 6350 and a R9 270x would I be able to run these fine? Or should I go with the i5 4670 instead?