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  1. L

    Question TV has 2 HDMI Input slots ,how do i connect a projector so projector displays what TV displays (buying a projector ,making sure all works))

    Hi ,My Android TV has 2 HDMI input slots and one RCA cable slots and i think all are input slots So how do i connect or rather output a signal to my projector that it displays my tv's picture and netflix and stuff on it as i'm not sure those Input slots will work to output a signal ? I'm...
  2. B

    Question Sony Bravia XBR-55X900E Android TV stuck on reboot loop; forced factory restart doesnt work

    My Android TV is stuck on a reboot loop. It turns on, goes half way through that colorful android animation, freezes, reboots and does it all over again. I've tried following the troubleshooting tip here, but the green light only stays lit for a few seconds and the TV shuts down and does this...
  3. M

    Cheap and good motherbord for

    Hey buddies Im getting a new pc buy im out of money so can you give me best motherboard and not much expinseve for i5-7500 and evga gtx 1050ti? Thanks
  4. H

    Need Help quick pls

    so i bought today a and a but when i try to put the usb into my laptop i can hear the sound that makes when you plug an usb but it still doesnt show up my disk on my pc, can someone help me pls?
  5. Rayven2

    UNITEK No Driver SATA3 to USB 3.0

    So I just bought a Sandisk SSD PLUS 240G SATA3 SSD. My main purpose for it was to use it externally, so I bought a UNITEK (Y-3257) 2.5" SATA3 to USB 3.0 External HDD Enclosure. It however doesn't auto install the driver, I went looking on the UNITEK website, and the model isn't even listed...
  6. U

    What am i doing wrong

    I have tried numerous times to get 3 monitors running but fail each time. The 3rd monitor is recognized by windows however that's as far as i get. I have Windows 10 and i am trying to connect my BENQ M2700HD monitor as the 3rd, my card is an AMD Raedon HD 6800.
  7. Omnomious

    Bit of CPU advice please

    I recently picked up the Geforce GTX 980 Ti and I have it paired with my previous FX 8350, I know it's not the best for CPU intensive games but I am looking at the i7 4950k and was wondering if the upgrade is worth it? Keep in mind I will also need to upgrade my MOBO to an Intel compatible one...
  8. S

    0% available (plugged in, charging) - BS!

    having exact same issue tonight too, i am presuming a windows update has screwed something up. the battery is only 6 months old and i hardly use my UX303LA notebook. anyone know who to contact from the UK? cba sending my laptop in the post to some random country.
  9. B

    Upgrade Advice Please

    I built a system a few years ago and it's been a great PC. I am currently using it day to day and it also serves as my PLEX server. I have two HD security cams and I record from them with Sighthound. The cams and sighthound currently run off a newer laptop. However, even though that's all I...
  10. Storm Crow

    Hard drive is failing

    So my hard drive is making slight revs and is fairly audible, this computer was bought in 2009 so the hdd is at least 6 years old. I want to back up my current data so when it fails I have a copy that I can just swap in right away. I picked a $45 wd blue 500gb nothing fancy. But how would I got...
  11. W

    TV as computer monitor

    Hey I want to use this TV for my computer as monitor but I don't know what cables to use. Screenshots of both the TV and computer Thank you for reading and hopefully helping :)