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  1. M

    Question Why is Nvidia Highlights not working anymore?

    I installed Anthem last week and played it for a good few hours and Nvidia Geforce is giving me on screen notifications that my game highlights is recorded and saved automatically. I open the Nvidia Geforce menu by pressing alt+z then i saw that the highlights are saved to my C: drive, but the...
  2. justjoddat

    Question dxgi error device reset

    I've been playing Anthem and streaming and lately, I've been getting this error. I have a ROG Strix Vega 56 8gb OC running on 19.3.2 and the same issue was on 19.3.1. Not sure what's causing it, or how to fix it. I did uninstall the gpu drivers and reinstalled. Going to unplug/plug in the gpu...
  3. News EA Reveals Anthem 'Live Service' Roadmap

    EA said it plans to release new content for "Anthem," from missions and freeplay events to items and in-game cosmetics, between now and May 2019. Read more here. NATHANIEL MOTT @nathanielmott Nathaniel Mott is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers software and hardware...