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  1. M

    Question Why does disabling CSM in my Aorus X570 Elite m/board prevent me from booting the PC?

    I have an Aorus X570 Elite motherboard, and have Windows 10 installed (full system specs here). I have four monitors (one in front of me, one to my left and two to my right, stacked vertically), and when I boot into the BIOS, it always displays on the lower left one. I'm thinking of installing...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] Can't boot windows 10 off NVME after swapping my motherboard

    Ive just rebuilt my PC from an Aorus X570 to an Aorus X570 i, and it is failling to boot windows off my NVMe drove despite the fact it is recognising the drive exists in the BIOS. I've looked around for solutions and cant find anything useful, I really don't want to format this NVMe to get it...
  3. Akash Sengar

    [SOLVED] A minor restart at VGA debug light, then pc won't boot up

    1 day ago my pc was running fine and I left it running for an hour while I was not their, my room was locked. When I returned, their was no display signal on the screen. I did few activities and still their was no display, so, I tried to restart system but, was unsuccessful. I close power supply...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] Aorus x570 i Pro Wifi and 5900x - no post

    I wanted to assemble a pc for Christmas but it is not booting and not giving any beeps. I'm getting desperate, having spent weeks trying to figure out the problem, so I decided to post here I hope that somebody can help me diagnose the problem. I will try to write down all the information...
  5. NasTOne

    Question PROBLEM: Bad USB Transfer Rates on New PC (bursts)

    Hello Community! I just recently build a new PC and have (depending on the device) very low USB transfer rates. All tested devices were at least USB 3.0 and got tested with the same large ISO-File to prevent the transfer speed slowing down because of “small items”. FYI: Mainboard is a Aorus X570...