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  1. RaggyPotatoz

    Question PC not booting after BIOS updated.

    Yesterday, 22/10/2020, I updated some of my out of date drivers from the Asus website. I downloaded most of them including BIOS for my H110M-K. After restarting my PC after the BIOS update, it wouldn't boot after the ASUS loading screen. I did multiple CMOS Resets. Still nothing. I got onto the...
  2. M

    CPU Is Overheating Constantly: What Are My Options?

    I'm running a PC with an i7 4790k (not overclocked) and air cooling, and it's getting hot. Seriously hot, when trying to run something like Premiere Pro it can hit over 100 degrees, and inevitably will crash eventually. Even in routine use, it regularly goes into the 80s or 90s. I've been...