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  1. V

    [SOLVED] Keyboard causing a BIOS freeze after a clod boot (Asus Z97-A as motherboard and Asus TUF gaming K7 as keyboard)

    Hello everybody, I have a conflict between my motherboard and my keyboard. The problem: When I boot the PC for the first time after a power down (out of order), with my keyboard plugged in, the PC boots but I get stuck on the "Press F2 or DEL to enter on BIOS setting" page. If I press DEL or F2...
  2. newinstapatel

    [SOLVED] "CPU Fan Error" and "CPU Over Temperature Error" - CPU temp 88°C

    Hi, my computer was working well till yesterday but since this morning I'm getting two errors when I turn on my PC. "CPU Fan Error" and sometimes "CPU Over Temperature Error" BIOS - updated to latest version. Fans - All 3 fans are working well including liquid cooled fan for CPU. Cleared off...
  3. V

    Cdm2T command rate not working

    My motherboard: asus 350-plus Ram: ddr4 16gb dual channel @2400mhz. I overclocked my ram to 2993 mhz, but I would like increased stability by changing the command rate (cmd2t in my BIOS) to 2T. The options are Auto, 1T or 2T. When I changed it to 2T and checked CPU-Z, it said it was still 1T...
  4. P

    z506 help with connectivity to msi gaming m5

    The MSI z170a Gaming M5 audio connectivity is confusing. I wan't to connect the motherboard to my logitech z506 5.1 audio system. But I don't know witch ports to use to get 5.1. Anyone have any ideas?