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  1. rjones007

    Question Will ASUS B560 Mplus fit in Corsair Spec 01?

    My motherboard is Asus B560 M-Plus and also mAtx form factor. However, Corsair spec 01 is ATX case. Will it be supported or need I change case?
  2. HCTree

    [SOLVED] Accidentally erased Sonic Radar III from Asus Motherboard. What now?

    Hey everyone. I was erasing Sonic Studio III from my computer since it had developed issues with Windows 10 and my headphones. I made a terrible mistake and erased Sonic Radar III along with it. Now I can only get audio through my headphones (which now work properly hahah) and no sound will...
  3. Y

    Question Confused between Asus TUF Gaming X570-PLUS versus Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro ?

    I'm planning to upgrade from R5 2600 + GTX 1060 + PRIME B450-A => 2K Gaming to R5 5600X + RTX 3080 + (Asus X570+ or GIGABYTE X570 AORUS PRO) => 4K gaming with Web Development (Office work) I did some research and somewhere it's stated that Asus X570+ uses only 4 phase where GIGABYTE has 12...

    Build Advice Need help in choosing parts for a new build

    Hey guys, I am planning to build a new PC for gaming and productivity (mostly Software Development). For the time being, I'll be using a single 1440p monitor for the time being with no plans on upgrading to a 4k display for at least 2 years. Budget Range: ~$2500 System Usage from Most to Least...
  5. SparrowDiv

    Question Laptop display goes grey and back to normal in a loop ?

    View: I know it's most likely a hardware(display) problem. Same thing happens in BIOS. What could be the cause? Thanks in advance! :) ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR II GL503VS 15.6' gtx 1070 i7-7700h
  6. D

    Question BSOD. Help?

    So I recently updated my Bios as it said it was a essential update (model laptop is fx516pr Asus laptop)Bios is now v320. My older Bios (v313 )worked fine but after the update I started getting BSOD with VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE. All my drivers are updated, windows is updated, NVidia is on the latest...
  7. rjones007

    Build Advice Is it worth buying i5 11500 over i5 10500?

    I am currently in need of buying new PC. I need mid-gaming professional PC for software development without GPU. My options are below. Rig I : CPU : 10th Gen i5 10500 Comet Lake Mobo : ASUS TUF B460 M-PLUS RAM : 8GBx2 dual Kit 2666Mhz Case : Corsair SPEC-01 Rig II : CPU : 11th Gen i5 11500...
  8. [SOLVED] RX 580 4GB random crashes under load ?

    Long story short... 2 years ago i bought used ASUS RX580 4GB (after mining). From beginning card was randomly crashing under load (when playing games). Crash = screen turns into one random color and audio loops. But there is fix... I had to slightly down-clock from 1360 to 1300 and memory clock...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] Pressing left alt key presses 4 other keys, not left alt... bug or feature?

    Hello there! I have an Asus ROG Claymore keyboard from 2019. I've noticed some issues in the past months where whenever I sync it with AuraSync, all my other ROG devices (Fusion 500 and Gladius II) seem to get the note but the Claymore keeps blacking out (only on Sync mode, not on individual...
  10. M

    Question ASUS MB stuck with "bios is updating. do not shut down or reset the system to prevent system bootup failure."

    My settings are: ROG STRIX Z590-F GAMING WIFI Intel® Core™ i9-11900KF Samsung 980 PRO PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD 1TB Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO SL 32GB (2x16GB) ASUS Dual GeForce® GTX 1660 SUPER Windows 10 Home 32-bit 64-bit Swedish USB (Retail). Hi, whenever I start my newly built PC, I get message...
  11. Trivoski2

    [SOLVED] my monitor is 280hz as advertised

    i have a asusvg249qm which can go up to 280hz but i am running at 240hz because it says to go to 280hz i need to overclock it in the monitors osd. is it safe to oc it cause im afraid it would shorten its lifespan or damage it and i cant afford to buy a new monitor as of now
  12. S

    Question 11600kf creates too much heat

    Hello, Working on this configuration [=]ASUS 560 [=]NTEL 11600KF [=]CPU Fan Arctic CO 12 [=]One Back fan [=]One back top fan [=]Two rear case fan's with default setting on* TURBO BOOST (CPU and m are new) causing too much heat. its an upgrade from (ASUS b250m & i7100) SITUATION While...
  13. M05K The Laden

    Question Mouse cursor covers dead pixels?

    Hello, does mouse cursor covers dead pixels? I have an Asus VG248QG and today it appeared a "dead" pixel with some shadow around it, checked it in all apps and it was there. The odd thing was when i was moving the cursor to the "dead pixel" it dissapeared. After rebooting PC, on the blue screen...
  14. pujiyanto

    Question PC Won't Boot if both memory slot is filled

    Hi all, I'm from Indonesia, I have experiencing problem on my newly build PC The PC configuration is CPU : Intel Core i3-10100F Mother Board : Asus Prime H410m-k Storage : 480Gb SSD GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 Power Supply : Magix PSU 700W First time the PC is built, I put 2x8Gb RAM DDR 4 2666...
  15. O

    Question ASUS Z270E not booting - blinking orange power led ?

    Hi All, PC - Components: CPU - Intel i7 - 7700K Motherboard - Asus z270 - e Motherboard Memory - 32 GB Corsair Vengeance 3600MHz PSU - Silverstone Stryder 1000W PSU Heat Sink - Deep cool GTE v2 Storage - Patriot Blast 1tb SSD Graphics Card - GTX Titan X I've been using this PC for many years...
  16. Erfugl

    [SOLVED] Motherboard lights up, but doesnt to turn on

    I have had this pc for several months now without any problem. Today however it decided to randomly not boot up. All i see when i turn on the PSU is the light from the motherboard that indicates power is running through. Sometimes the PSU would make a "click" noise (as it did when i turned it...
  17. jclayborne35

    Question i9 reads as i7 in device manager?

    I just built a new pc with an I9 processor on a ASUS Prime X-299-A II. I am trying to get into overclocking and how it works. Well when I went through the Devices I noticed this....well i could not attach a screenshot. idk why? There are a bunch of i7 devices but no i9. I know its an i9 i put...
  18. B

    Question Ryzen Temp Spikes on New Motherboard

    I recently upgraded my motherboard from Asus Prime x570-P to Gigabyte Aorus x570 Master or my Ryzen 3950x. I have been having issues with CPU temp spikes. It would run at around 32 deg C on idle, but frequently spikes to as high as 58 deg C, especially when I perform non-intensive tasks such as...
  19. G

    Question RAM not detected

    Hi, I am using ASUS A456U series with these specs: Model Name : A456U Processor : i7-7500U Kabylake 2.70Ghz RAM : 4GB (Soldered) + 4GB Samsung RAM DDR4-2133 My laptop won't detect the Samsung RAM. In the BIOS it only shows 4Gb of memory, in the task manager it also only shows 4Gb of memory...
  20. M

    Question BIOS detects SSD but does not boot [Solved]

    [Solved] Hope this is in the right place. Goal: To use my M.2 NVME Samsung 970 Evo Plus from my old Asus laptop in my brand new Asus TUF laptop. Its also the drive I want to boot from. Problem: The new TUF laptop recognizes the SSD in the Bios but doesnt boot. Notes/troubleshooting No...