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  1. I

    Question AT2035 not being detected by computer/audacity

    So a little on my equipment, I have a dell inspirion 15-3521 laptop, I'm on windows 10, Focusrite 2i2 3rd gen for the audio interface, AT2035 mic and some old headphones that work fine. I was recording (voiceover) on audacity and it worked fine for a while. Then I installed a thing call...
  2. System32_76

    Question Audacity Not Recognizing Audio From Keyboard?

    Hello again! I recently plugged my Casio keyboard into my computer via the line in jack on my PC and for some reason, Audacity is not recognizing the audio coming from it when I click the speaker icon to monitor the audio. If I go to my sound options on Xubuntu, I can see that sound is coming...
  3. ryusxd

    Question Superlux E205 buzzing problem

    What's up guys. I bought a new microphone like 2 weeks ago, it's the Superlux E205, also a needed mixer, which is the Behringer Xenyx Q502USB. Sounds nice to this point, except there wouldn't be a problem: When I start up Audacity, my microphone is buzzing somehow, or it sounds like that. The...
  4. E

    Question How to fix crackling audio on .mp3 file?

    So i had a vhs tape and decided to convert it to an mp3 file but because the tape was old the audio was crackling even when we put it in the vhs player, is there and way i could reduce or get rid of it? here is a sample
  5. I

    What component to upgrade?

    Hey, I'm looking to upgrade my hardware in the near future, wondering what I should be upgrading first and possibly what upgrades I could buy that would be compatible for under or just barely over £100 Processor: 3.40 gigahertz Intel Core i7-3770 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti RAM: 8144...
  6. I

    How much further will SSD's drop in price?

    So I've been following the prices of SSD's as they have been dropping. I live in Australia, and at the moment I can pick up a Samsung 850 EVO 500gb for $120 AUD and a 1TB for $230 AUD. I already own a couple but I'm in need of more space! Do you think they will significantly drop in price...
  7. M

    PLEASE help me motherboard problems

    Hey guys i have a problem. I had to use my computer (desktop) and when i turned on my monitor(HDMI TV) i had a blue screen of death that was stuck in restarting your computer 0% (i don't remember what the error was) i restarted it my self and then the computer starting to restarting every second...
  8. steedsofwar

    having overclock trouble

    TLDR: Why is the multiplier showing 44 in CPUZ when it shows 46-47 in bios? Seems the overclock isn't being applied. Okay guys... My old setup suffered water damage to the MITX motherboard, which I've since replaced with a larger MATX ASRock Z97M OC Formula board and a midi case to fit it in...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 installation deleted Chamelon boot options OSX 10.10.0

    Well, i have already asked this on other forums, by no one replays so i'm asking also here. If you know some good forums where people actually replay please tell me. ---------------------------------------- Hi guys, i'm new here, if this thread isn't in the right section please move it. Well...
  10. L

    Writing to a USB Backup drive formatted EXT3 from an 8+gig Linux box

    Hi Gurus I have a 8gig installed memory Linux desktop computer with an ASUS p5q Motherboard. When I write a 4.5+gig file from my hard disk to the external USB drive, formatted EXT3, the target file arrives corrupted. If I remove two banks of 2 gigs (bring the system down to 4 gigs), there is...