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  1. O

    Question Low volume rear panel

    Headphone sound When I put the jack in the back panel the sound is lower than the front panel How do I make the back panel sound the same as the front panel? I've tried more than one HP Z230 case and they all have the same problem Realtek sound card with latest drivers
  2. vikaskumar2299

    Question HD audio on front panel started working after few hours of building PC

    Hi. I finished my pc build today. In my B660M-A Pro WiFi, front panel audio wasn't working (it wasn't even detecting) which is connected to JAUD1 on motherboard. I tried everything. Tried reconnecting wire/cable two times. (The rear audio ports which are built on motherboard itself on worked as...
  3. N

    Question Headphone audio too loud when connected to the 3.5mm audio jack on my ASUS Vivobook laptop ?

    Hi, My Asus Vivobook 14 OLED laptop has Realtek driver installed for audio. When I connect any headphone to the 3.5mm audio jack of my ASUS Vivobook OLED laptop, the audio output is too loud. For example, at 20% volume, it sounds like somewhere near to 80% volume. At 50% volume, the loudness...
  4. MachoFantastico

    Question Connecting to Bluetooth speakers via Bluetooth headphones ?

    Hello all, So I need some help, I want to use my 1440 monitor for some console gaming but the thing is my monitor doesn't have speakers so I'd need to buy some separate speakers to then fit my monitor for audio, thing is I mainly use wireless headphones when playing but I'm not sure if I bought...
  5. JelkoBG

    Question Buzzing audio

    Hello, I tried to use my wireless earbuds with my ps4. To do it I used my monitor port for headphones. I plugged 3,5 mm jack in in and plugged the other side in my computer microphone port and it works but there is constant buzzing noise. I tried my to connect my wired headphones directly in the...
  6. averageAMDenjoyer

    Question Extension cable/pc killing my IEMs?

    Hi guys, I need some help with my IEMs as they seem to randomly break? I've been using my Truthear X Crinnacle Zero's for about 6 months with a "MillSO headset extension cable". The left speaker suddenly broke which led to it being really quiet and sounding muffled. While returning them and...
  7. D

    Question B550M AORUS ELITE doesnt have realtek audio console/control

    hi guys i build a pc for a friend and to say the least the B550m Aorus Elite motherboard is a dissapoiment.... i downloaded and installed the latest audio drivers from the gigabyte site but i cant find the realtek control (for example in asus motherboard when i install the audio drivers then...
  8. Kr3xu

    Question Im having some audio issues

    Ok im using a splitter for my headset on my pc and it only detects my input(inbuilt mic) only when i unplug my output(speakers on headset) same thing switched around. I have searched far and wide on how to solve this and there is basically no result so this is my last string of hope.
  9. kloddm

    Question No audio from motherboard, but headphones are detected ?

    Hi everyone, until yesterday everything was fine. I used to plug my headphones via jack at the back of the pc because the front jack never worked (even if the HD Audio cable is correctly plugged into the MB, who knows why...). My motherboard is the Gigabyte B450M DS3H V2. So what's changed? I...
  10. Jesusrrs

    Question Audio stuttering and Ghost microphone

    I only have headphones and they are plugged into the back of my computer. I have noticed that sometimes a notification pops up telling me that a realtek microphone has been connected (I do not have a microphone and my headphones do not have one included). When i plug into the front jack (The one...
  11. T

    Question Microphone sound levels issue ?

    I just built a new computer and am having issues with the loudness of my microphone. I was talking to friends in discord, and they had to adjust my sound level from 100% to 200% to hear me, and even then it was quieter than before I put together the new computer. I went to the levels menu and...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 using different sound driver from the one i installed.

    Hello guys! I'm having a problem where on my 5.1 speakers the center speaker was not playing audio from youtube etc. but when I tested it in Realtek manager it was working, so I decided to reinstall the drivers but when I did I was unable to open the Realtek manager from anywhere (when I click...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] PC to TV to Soundbar not working (eARC)

    I have tried to connect my PC (strong GPU) via HDMI 2.1 to my LG smart TV (4k@120hz port), and then another HDMI 2.1 connecting my TV (eARC port) to my soundbar (also eARC port). Unfortunately I do not get any sound coming out of the Soundbar when I want to play it from my PC. The system...
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Help - Audio problem on MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk mobo ?

    I'm troubleshooting an audio problem on my mobo. I have an MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk mobo running Windows 10 Pro. I use an old set of external speakers with powered bass speaker. The monitor I use has a built in speaker. Last week or so, a power outage hit. Since then, I don't have audio from...
  15. erikstb

    [SOLVED] Weird clicking noise, freezing and audio issues

    Hi! Weird issue (I think) Like once or twice an hour my PC emmits a fast clicking sound (like 5 notes), and i cant locate which component causes this. Directly after this sound/during this happends: Video and sound freezes for a few seconds, often the audio also "glitches" during this time or...
  16. F

    When I enter AUX mode on my stereo, a buzzing/humming persists.

    This happens even if there is is no AUX cable in the AUX port. Simply selecting AUX mode causes the humming. The Stereo I have is a Panasonic SC-PMX70B with 2 speakers. The humming comes out of both speakers. The stereo is not connected to any additional devices. Can this be fixed?
  17. D

    Question FIIO E10K not recognized after starting up windows

    I recently bought my Sennheiser hd600 with a FIIO E10K and it works. But there is one small issue, when I turn my pc on, windows does not detect my FIIO E10K, at this time the FIIO E10K has not been turned off since I turned my pc off. So to clarify when I start my pc the FIIO E10K has always...
  18. T

    Question How do I fix Blue Yeti X audio from lagging/crashing when playing intensive games at high FPS ?

    When I have high fps in a game or the game is intensive the mic in discord lags for my friends then stops working completely. I either have to unplug and replug it or reselect my mic and headset in discord as the playback and input devices. Never had this problem with a headset mic, so how do I...
  19. Crossive

    Question Microphone in ATH-M20xBT headphones doesn't work as expected ?

    Hi, I recently bought Audio-Technica ATH-M20xBT headphones. The first time I paired them to my computer the sound quality was tragic. I did some research on the internet and found out that my headphones work in "hands-free phone" mode (I'm using Windows 10 home). After disabling this option...
  20. Gerhardg1982

    Question Gpu blocking audio signal?

    About two months ago i installed the Radeon rx570 gpu, since then its like its blocking the audio signal of my tv. No matter what i try, i can't get sound over hdmi to my soundbar unless i connect it to the optical output of the tv. Even when the computer is turned off, it still blocks the...
  21. HugeTortoise

    Question I am getting static and crackling on all audio devices

    I am having this issue where no matter what I am playing or where (from any dac, amp, port (tried line out, 3.5mm, optical, USB) I am having this distortion. I have tried everything to fix it (roll back audio drivers, mobo bios etc) and nothing works. The only exception is Bluetooth which has no...
  22. PanosK1981

    Question multi digital output

    hello i wonder if there is an item (sound card tv pc monitor or any other) that supports a multi digital OUTPUT to connect many devices like as amplifier home theater pc speakers ty
  23. S

    Question Microphone goes extremely loud after muting/unmuting

    Not sure under which forum to post this so its here. Im having issues with my microphone being pretty quiet 90% of the time but sometimes it randomly goes extremely loud. I can replicate the problem a 100% of the time by muting on the headset and unmuting. The headset is Razer kraken 3.5mm...
  24. R

    Question Audio Cracking, LatencyMon Reporting HDAudBus.sys as culprit, No idea what to do.

    really need help fixing my audio on my laptop as i work as a dj and its really effecting my job and ive lost work form it and money, please help anyone, i can provide pictures etc.
  25. Origamii

    Question 5.1 vs 2.1 movies audio on stereo speakers ?

    I see that movies have 5.1/7.1 audio, and i also found the same movie has 2.1 audio on different website like yts etc. If i use stereo speakers, should i pick the 5.1 version or 2.1? Which audio will sound better on my stereo speakers?
  26. E

    Question Overwatch 2 - Audio Cuts Out and Delays Microphone Input

    Heya Guys, I've encountered a really odd issue which I've been facing with only Overwatch 2 alone - every now and then I'll be playing the game with my friends on discord, and my entire desktop audio will cut out for around 3-5 seconds, come back fully in sync with my entire desktop and game...
  27. Tailow

    Question No sound coming from left speaker when the aux cable is plugged into motherboard

    There is no sound coming from the left speaker when the aux cable is plugged into the mb, this stopped working earlier today I don't know what happened. When I plug it into the aux port on the front of the pc the audio name changes to "Headphones" and the audio comes from both speakers, but I...
  28. K

    Question Occasional but persistent small audio crackles/stutters ?

    Ok, my problem is very convoluted so try to bear with me. So I was using Razer Kraken headphones which were my roommates old ones, been using them for around 4 months-ish they were fine, couple of weeks ago I noticed when in games more noticeably that sometimes there is a little crackle, i'm...
  29. Wingmore

    Question Logitech 2.1 Speakers --- only the right speaker is working after plugging in headphones ?

    I have a Logitech Z213 2.1 speaker system at home and only recently noticed that my audio would go from stereo to mono after plugging in something into the headphone jack and then unplugging it. Where I plug in my headphones is circled below: It's a bit annoying because I'm essentially only...
  30. P

    [SOLVED] Audio becomes distorted after launching a game

    This problem is only present in games. Everything else is fine; spotify, youtube, etc. I'll launch a game and after a bit (30 seconds ish) the audio becomes super tiny and thin. Before this happens, the audio sounds normal and full. This is happening on all of my headphones. I've tried it with...
  31. Bladvel

    Question Bluetooth Headphone audio cutting out

    I have JBL TUNE750BTNC Bluetooth Headphones, and whenever I play any game, the audio sometimes starts cutting in and out/stuttering. Sometimes the audio dissappears completely for a few seconds. Can someone help me please? I am using Windows 11 and have tried disabling audio enhancements and the...
  32. killcount001

    Question built a new pc and game audio is different now

    hello, so i built a new pc with a 3060 and 5600 paired with a gigabyte b450m DS3H but now all my games sound different. i played on a gaming laptop before and for fps games left and right were a lot more clear, now i cannot tell where people are because it plays audio from way to far away and...
  33. Miralyon

    Question Audio Splitter wont work

    Hi everyone I have an issue with the microphone I have 3,5mm headphone and microphone was not working so I bought audio Sub-Zero AD33 still it doesn't work I can hear clicking sound on the microphone, but it won't record my voice it works perfectly in normal calls, WhatsApp calls, discord...
  34. E

    [SOLVED] pc crashing cause of front pannel audio.

    hi, my cpu i5-4670k, gpu - zotac 1050ti mini, mobo- gigabyte z87x-ud3h, bios version F10b, psu corsair cs650m, corsair ram 4x4gb @1600 mhz, Crucia MX 500 500gb ssd, WD 1TB sata internal hdd, AHCI,windows10, cabinet cooler master haf 912, cpu cooler-Hyper 212X few days back, i was listening to...
  35. XANDERtheGR8

    Question 3090 popping sound

    My build is as follows Ryzen 9 3900x Zotac 3090 trinity OC Gigabyte X570 ultra 32GB ram yesterday I was using my old gpu a zotac 2080 super with no issues but today I put in a new PSU a Seasonic 1000w gold and the 3090. Under normal pc use like watching YouTube or talking on discord nothing...
  36. T

    Question How to play audio through usb headset and bluetooth ear buds

    So , I want to play call of duty with my hyperX headset (usb connection) And the wife wants to hear it as well. This could be done either through the tv or a pair of wireless earbuds, at a push I have some Senny headphones with a normal jack connection. But i cant for the life of me figure out...
  37. R

    [SOLVED] Sound in games too quiet ?

    Hi everyone ! I really need help i recently built this new gaming PC: RYZEN 5 5600X ASUS STRIX ROG B550-F Gaming : RAM 32gb Corsair Vengeance PSU EVGA 750W Gold ASUS POSEIDON GTX 1080TI 11gb SSD m2 1TB My...
  38. I

    [SOLVED] Edifier S760D (5.1 Speakers) - Full-range Windows 10 audio option

    Hi I have an Edifier S760D (5.1) speaker system. Source: In Windows 10 when I have to set up Speaker Setup there's this part "Select full-range speakers". and I was wondering should I put a checkmark on them or not? I checked the website of the...
  39. E

    Question Audio stopped working, but it's not the usual issue - it's actually very weird

    Hi guys I have a very weird issue I really need help with, and im sure its unrelated to drivers etc Lets start here; my monitor audio stopped working - but it started in the weirdest way. On Discord you can share your spotify session with others for them to listen along, I shared one and...
  40. R

    Question USB transfer errors with max performance power settings

    [Moderator Note: Moving post from Systems to Home Audio - more applicable.] I’m using a new laptop as a digital audio workstation (DAW) and I have a USB audio interface for it (RME Babyface Pro FS). I keep getting crackles in the audio that are a result of USB CRC errors during audio...