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  1. N

    [SOLVED] How to maximize bandwidth for Remote Desktop and Streaming ?

    Connection often lags/drops or is lost while doing Remote Desktop or video streaming. It happened using old router with 100mbps port. Bought gigabit ports router but the problem still exist. It has no problem while using another PC with cable connection. I thought by using a gigabit-ported...
  2. Kpeterscr

    [SOLVED] Loss of bandwidth to out of country servers

    Hi everyone. Wanted to see if you can help me as I'm desperate. I pay for a 200mbps download internet and usually get that or more when I test to the optimal server (in my country) but when I test anywhere else I get 10% of that speed all the time. And this is only happening on one device. So...
  3. manhatti Zee

    [SOLVED] "System" is using 500+ Gigabytes of Internet Data every month.

    My monitor is 1080p so I dont stream stuff in 4k, and any streaming activity of that scale would show up in msedge.exe, that's the only browser I use. My current internet is very cheap for me, 60-70 MBps Unlimited D/U, so this amount of internet usage won't cost me anything extra, but I really...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] Router with bandwidth control on ethernet port

    Hi, I was wondering if I can get a list of routers that can do the following: Control bandwidth on each ethernet port. Monitor the bandwidth on each ethernet port showing how much data they have used because I have an allowance of 2TB per month. Monitor the bandwidth of each device connected...
  5. R

    [SOLVED] Can't get more than 100Mbps download speed on a 200Mbps connection

    Hi, I've been wrestling with this issue for quite a while now. I previously had an internet connection for 100Mbps, which my ISP recently upgraded to 200Mbps as part of the same plan. While the plan upgrade seems to be working fine, it isn't resulting in boosted speeds. So, here are the...
  6. natiya3

    [SOLVED] is it possible to have 4x4 MIMO with 80+80MHz in Wifi 5GHz?

    I've read this: "An AP with 4 antennas shall run on MIMO 4x4 mode, unless when it needs the maximum bandwidth and request 80+80Mhz. in that case, it shall run in MIMO 2x2 mode for each one of the channels" But I don't understand: can we get more throughput using 2x2 MIMO with 80+80MHz than...
  7. ehzamani

    Question Bandwidth control?

    Hi dear masters Forgive me for my poor English language I have two requests from my modem 1. Bandwidth control of users 2-Wi-Fi off and on scheduling(timing) In your opinion,what do I do? Can I use a modem with this feature, or connect a router to my current modem? Thank you very much