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  1. CrashTester

    Question How to answer a thread closed from discussion?

    I came to Toms looking for an answer, unlike the past I did not find an answer to my problem which was why bios could see my hard drive and windows couldn't. The thread is here. I...
  2. Syntist

    Question Intel Dh61WW 0099 (can't Update to 0120)

    I am trying to upgrade my OLD Board (Intel Dh61WW) to 0120, I was able to update it to 099, Though It works fine I can boot into Windows, but I wanna run rx570 on it, in order to do that, I need to upgrade it to 0120 or 0116 I Tried the Express way before, but It just failed. I tried the...
  3. 1

    Question Stuck at BIOS screen after BIOS 0120 update

    Hi there, I have just bought a AMD Radeon RX 550, after a few tests the screen won't post with the GPU inserted. So after a while I decided to update the BIOS system. First I had to install 0048, after that 0099. All were clear installs and booting to Windows in perfect working state, but after...