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    [SOLVED] Can't find SSD

    Hi everyone. I have done quite a bit of searching on this sight but I can't seem to find anything on my particular problem. I was transferring About 500GB of files from an internal HDD to an external HDD. I left this to complete overnight. When I checked the next day, the computer was not...
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    Question Cannot Enable Secure Boot after BIOS Update

    Hi, I recently got an Asus Zenbook Pro UX550VD. One of my first ports of call was to update to the latest BIOS. After doing this it would no longer recognise my boot drive (Micron 512gb ssd). The boot options was completely blank and there was no way too add it back, it just didn't see it. I...
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    Question Drives sometimes not recognized after power outage.

    The PC I use is my first build, worked perfectly for a couple years now, but recently, after a power outage (which i think was caused by a transformer explosion based on the loud bang outside), Half of the time when I turn my PC on it won't recognize my boot drive, and most of the time when it...
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    Question m.2 Nvme SSD is not detected on first boot after sleep or shutdown everytime. Need a fix

    So I bought a new m.2 nvme SSD from Mushkin 500gb (MKNSSDPL500GB-D8 Pilot ). I cloned my old 500gb samsung evo 750 to it as it has my OS. For some reason everytime I boot my pc after it has been off or in sleep for a while (around 3-4hours +) my boot drive is not detected but all the other...
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    Question How do I fix Reboot and select proper Boot Device

    My pc doesn’t detect my optical drive or both of my hdds I have unplugged both the sata and power cables moved them around also removed cmos battery and wiped ram of any potential dust not to mention my os is installed on a readable m.2 ssd but still windows doesn’t boot how do I fix this I have...
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    Home Server / File Share - Questions

    Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section but this seemed like the most logical place to post. I posted a few days ago about either building or buying a NAS for home use to hold all our family photos, documents, music etc. in one place and backing up all of the computers in our house to...