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  1. quocdu_2310

    Question I need help to find a compatible GPU ?

    INFORMATION: MAIN: G1 SNIPER 5 CPU: I5-4670K HDD: 500GB RAM: CORSAIR 16GB (2X8)-1333MHz-DDR3 POWER SUPPLY: 550W So i am thinking about GTX 1080 maybe it will be compatible with my PC but i think the bottleneck percent will be high. Anyone can help me find a compatible with my PC ? Maybe GTX 16...
  2. Duklin__

    [SOLVED] New build or just upgrade components?

    Yo, I'm curious whether or not I should look into a new PC, or if just a simple component upgrade would give just fine results SPECS: CPU: Intel Core i7-6700 GPU: Nvidia GTX 745 (OEM) HDD: WD Blue 1TB (2012) [272GB left] RAM: Samsung M378A1G43DB0-CPB 2x8GB MBD: Dell XPS 8900 For...
  3. D

    Asus z270-a dram led on

    Building a new computer and I am having issues with initial start up. My dram led is on and I have tried ram in different slots. I tried the ram from my other pc and nothing. I also tried my new ram in my old pc and it was good. Running a I7 7700k. Corsair vengeance lpx 3000mhz for ram.
  4. T

    BIOS Update Failure

    I have a Foxconn H61MXL/H61MXL-K motherboard.Since acquiring an Asus nVidia GeForce GTX 750Ti GPU I have attempted to use the card to no avail. I have come to the conclusion that the BIOS is far out of date and as such have attempted to update, therein lies my problem. I have attempted to use...
  5. CayJ141

    ssd and hdd cloneing

    I cloned 500gb. Seagate hdd to a 500gb. 850 Evo ssd using Clonezulla and Yumi and went off without a hitch . A few days later I was given a brand new , clean WD black 1 Tb. hdd . I assume I can clone the ssd or the Seagate to the 1 Tb. drive without a problem . Clonezilla at the end of the...
  6. I

    The best gaming monitor?

    Hello everyone. I think i want a new monitor, this one seems to get some problems. Some people say a 144Hz monitor is way more better, but i think thats not my case since i only play games such as payday 2, or battlefield. and not those competetive games. My gpu is a Msi geforce gtx 970. So i...
  7. A

    Looking for help on choosing a good mobo for overclocking

    Looking for a mobo and on a budget unfortunately so my specs are cpu: i5-4690k Gpu: Gtx 970 g1 gaming edition. Reply if any more info needed.
  8. QuinnTheOnly

    Workstation Build for Work

    I'm looking to build a 4K video editing machine for my work and I was wondering if there is anything anyone would recommend differently than what I have in my Newegg cart. (Below) Thanks ahead of time for suggestions.
  9. K

    I want to rend servers from pacific and asia(excludeChinese Mainland )

    we need x5650, dual core, 24g. 1 master server: cent os, render node: windows. we need fixed IP open to4-5 ports. and local area network is 4xGBE.internet:20-30?mbps?. 1)CPU: performance is above 45GHZ(including); The performance of CPU is stable, and fluctuations is less than 3%...
  10. O

    Build me a PC please

    My budget is £500. I already have a monitor, mouse and keyboard. I will be using my PC for after effects for editing HD gameplay videos. I basically need something that can run after effects well, render well and MOST IMPORTANTLY render the preview well. I will NOT use this PC for gaming...
  11. Vitric9

    GTX 770 vs GTX 680...

    Ok I know this is an old topic and on paper the 770 is better. But I cannot find any heaven 4.0 benchmarks for the GTX 770 so I can compare notes. I do find many for the gtx 680 and 670. I am using the PNY GTX 770 which is basically a referemce 770 with better cooling. I find the games get...