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  1. G

    Question CPU Bottlenecking PC on Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

    Hello, so currently I am running the setup as follows in a PC built on AMD Ryzen 2300x AMD Radeon RX 580 16GB DDR4 Corsair 3200MHz RAM MSI A320M Pro-E Motherboard Over this year I have been playing alot of Warzone/Call Of Duty and have been having quite a few technical issues...
  2. Ozelaf04

    Question Warzone cannot connect to online services [PC]

    My 2 friends have not been stuck on the loading online services screen forever, leaving it on for hours. We have tried many things such as setting it on high priority in task manager and renewing the ipv4 connection, both didn't work. Does anyone know any fixes?
  3. M


    Hello guys, I'm wondering what kinda Game modes Are kinda classical in Cod MW?! You know? Every mode when I'm playing gives me the deathmatch mode! Only different modes are seemed to deathmatch modes with different options! Like "kill confirmed" or "free for all" or "team deathmatch" i mean...
  4. A

    Question BO3 (Steam) Crashes won't launch

    Ok so this is a problem countless people have ran into and now it is even happening in the new cod beta. Whenever bo3 is launched it just crashes with one of two error messages. NOW HOLD UP! I know exactly what yall bout to say "Check the integrity of your game files" "Clear your steam data...
  5. loganman

    Question call of duty MW3 texture quality not going low

    i have a low end pc so i put everything on lowest setting possible but in cod mw3 idk why but texture resolution is not goin to low. whenever i set it to low it automatically goes back to normal. see this video. this guy have the same problem as me. View:
  6. ellis2014

    Workstation For Youtube/Business

    I want a good pc to do YouTube Tutorial's so I'll be doing rendering, and I want good quality. I also does a lot photo editing, so I realized a good amount of ram would be decent as well as a processor. I don't know much about this area like I do gaming rigs so I wanted your opinions on this...