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  1. Ozelaf04

    Question Warzone cannot connect to online services [PC]

    My 2 friends have not been stuck on the loading online services screen forever, leaving it on for hours. We have tried many things such as setting it on high priority in task manager and renewing the ipv4 connection, both didn't work. Does anyone know any fixes?
  2. S

    Question Call of Duty Warzone GPU is not being used all the way

    So I am using a ryzen threadripper 1950X two GTX 1080 running in SLI and 32 GB of 2400mhz RAM. I play call of duty and on high settings in warzone I will max my GPU 1 usage (warzone doesnt support SLI) and I will get around 90 FPS. Then, when I lower my settings all the way to low, I get a GPU 1...
  3. L


    Everytime I boot up modern warefare it will either crash or give me blue screen within 10 minutes these are the crashes^
  4. CaneGelido98

    Question RX5700xt micro freezes COD MW

    Hi everyone, i bought a new Rx5700xt (previously I had a RX580 4gb, that was perfect) and testing the game I noticed some issues such as micro stuttering / frezees for few millisecond every 10 seconds, which do not includes fps drops. The problem is on Warzone and on standard multi. I trying...
  5. N

    [SOLVED] Frame Drops in Cod in PC with really good specs

    My PC Specs 16 GB DDR4 RAM I7-7700k CPU 750 Watt PSU 240 GB SSD RTX 2080 SUPER Gigabyte B250M-DS3H MotherBoard Issue, After everything that i have looked up about something similar to these specs i should be getting 180-220 frames in Modern Warfare Warzone. But for some reason im constantly...
  6. M


    Hello guys, I'm wondering what kinda Game modes Are kinda classical in Cod MW?! You know? Every mode when I'm playing gives me the deathmatch mode! Only different modes are seemed to deathmatch modes with different options! Like "kill confirmed" or "free for all" or "team deathmatch" i mean...