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  1. LorkieBorkie

    Question Issues started as crashes on startup after adrenaline 2020 update, now my system won't even boot

    Good day! So about a moth ago I put together my first very own desktop. Everything was looking fine until I updated Adrenaline 2020 to version 20.2.2. Now at that point stuff started happening. My games would suddenly crash causing my whole pc to freeze. I checked that all my other drivers are...
  2. K

    Question System volume is hidden after BSOD

    My Windows 10 computer crashed while playing a game, and the computer will no longer boot. I’ve tried chkdsk and bcd and scf. None of those fix the problem. For awhile it was saying “number of windows installations=0”. I’ve gotten it to say “number of windows installations=1” but then it’s...
  3. T

    Can my Laptop run Arma 3?

    Hello all, I know this question has been asked a lot of times and it's almost senseless as most should upgrade to a quality desktop or gaming computer. I am working on this but with today's economy it is difficult to get the money together to build my own custom desktop for gaming. So i decided...