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    Question some case fans not being controlled by msi afterburner

    earlier today i was using my pc, the case fans were quiet and controlled by msi afterburner, i tried out oc setting in the msi gaming app and it messed up my pc in an constant reboot where it tried to repair too but failed to do it. after that i had to flash the bios with flashback+ and the i...
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    Question Fan hub connectors

    Okay so i'm in the process of building a new system and i have a LC-Power 995B case. Now, it has 3 rgb fans in the front which are all connected to a fan hub on the back of the case but coming out of the fan hub is only one connector which i don't recognize and i can't connect it to the...
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    Question RGB Fans

    Hi, I want to buy 2 120 case fans that are RGB which can be controlled via software. I have a Gigabyte B450M DS3H mobo and I want the fans to have varying speeds as well and not cost too much, ideally around £20/25$ or lower per fan. Any suggestions? Edit: Will I be able to use the Cooler...
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    DDR4 vs DDR3 SETUP

    DDR4 ram paired with DDR4 mobo VS. DDR3 ram with DDR3 mobo, which setup you think I should get?