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    OEM card readers don't work

    I collect and assemble a lot of computer junk and one of my ongoing problems is the multi card readers. I have 5 of them from HP or E-machines that plug into the usb pins on the motherboard and they don't work. I can see the power and data designations on the boards and know they match the...
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    I need some advice?

    Is there a website that I can check if my computer components will work together? These are the links to my components just incase there is not... Antec TruePower Classic 750w '80 Plus Gold' Power Supply KFA2...
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    PCIe x8 vs. x16

    Hello everybody! I have on my motherboard ( DFI LanPartyUT nF4 SLI-DR ) 2 PCIe x16 type sockets, meaning each x8 if SLI, one x16 and the other x2 if it's only one videocard inserted. My problem is the chipset cooler which doesnt allow me to insert properly my videocard in the PCIe x16 socket...