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    [SOLVED] Beginner PC build help...... please lol

    Hello all! So I have been trying to research and I understand the basic concepts but then it turns to Chinese when it comes to intel v amd, the graphic card .2xrs91 etc.. I’m going to leave it to the experts (you all) and could you guys just recommend some solid builds from Pc part picker to...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] Mouse middle click not working

    I have a Logitech G300s mouse. It was working just fine up to a couple of days back, when I noticed that the middle click just stopped working. The scroll wheel itself is fine, because the mouse scrolls perfectly fine, but the middle click isn't getting detected. I've tried uninstalling and...
  3. A

    Question Laptop loosing Wifi connection for no reason

    Hi there, Here's the situation: My laptop keeps losing internet access on wifi (It's still connected on the modem but it says "No internet access", but the modem is fine). When the laptop loses the connection, there are a few freezes. And to temporarily fix it, usually, I have to manually...
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    [SOLVED] When will I need to replace my PC

    I bought my PC, an Alienware Area-51 R2, in July 2015. My warranty expires in July 2019. Since buying it I've upgraded the GPU to a GTX 1070 in August 2016, an installed an SSD in September 2017. I'm considering upgrading the GPU, but first I wanted to know if my PC has reached an age when I...
  5. N

    First gaming pc

    Sooo right now I have an old pc that can barely run CS: GO on low settings. I was planning on putting together my first gaming pc. I chose to buy parts from Amazon because I have prime and it would be faster. I have a budget of around 1100$ CAD. So I put together this thing. I would like to hear...
  6. C

    Do i need to upgrade my CPU aswell?

    Cpu: i5-4690K Motherboard: MSI-Gaming 5 Current GPU: MSI R9-390 8g I am planning on upgrading to an gxt 1080 for 1080p 144Hrz gaming. But i saw on the internet that you need an good CPU for playing on high setting 1080p 144hrz. So i am wondering if i have to upgrade my cpu as well if i want to...
  7. B

    Auxiliary wires color

    Okay I have an auxiliary input in my car the end was broken off the wires are yellow black grey and green can anybody tell me what each color is I have a 2006 Volkswagen Beetle
  8. R

    Can get good fps with this pc?

    I wanted to know, because i wanna upgrade my pc if a i5 8400 with 1050 ti 4gb and 16gb ram i could get good fps on games like h1z1, pubg, fortnite and if so like how many i should get with that.
  9. O

    HDD write speed decreased

    After i completely wiped out my HDD, i benchmarked it with CrystalDiskMark and got 60mb/s write and 60mb/s read, but after i copied a 34gb file into the HDD, i re-ran the benchmark and i got only 15mb/s write (while read speeds stayed the same), i also ran the benchmark multiple times
  10. B

    Xeon 5160 vs Core 2 Duo E6600?

    Which is better the Xeon 5160 or the Core 2 Duo E6600? just curious
  11. J

    Hi guys I have thise laptop two years now and my mouse move but I can't touch on nothing

    Guys am into settings and help me plz fix thise problem my touchpad move but I can't klick on nothing
  12. O

    Trouble finding 4K Competitive PS4 Pro & Xbox One X

    I'm honestly finding so much trouble finding a 4K Monitor! I play competitive on PS4 & Xbox One X. I need something very fast and 1ms and something that looks very very very very nice and beautiful. 60hz is fine because thats all it goes up too. Also HDR if possible if it makes it look...
  13. A

    Graphic card not detected

    I have Acer aspire a5 which consist Nvidia mx 150 was not detected in device manager.also I can't find graphic settings in bios....also failed to install Nvidia driver. Please help me....
  14. M

    4GB Sapphire Radeon R9 380 Software Bug?

    Hello Guys, I really need some serious help. I have an old setup but I only play Dota 2 and League of Legends FX6300 @Stock Speed Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 Board 8GB DDR3 1866Mhz RAM 4GB Sapphire Radeon R9 380 Windows 10 Pro 64Bit now, goes to my problem. When playing Dota 2, I only get around 40FPS...
  15. E

    Gaming headset for big ears

    Hey all so i just bought a steelseries arctis 7 headset and i love it except for one major problem... my ears touch the drivers inside the cups. I saw they make replacent cups for the arctis headsets, but of course they are out of stock. I looked to see if anyone else had posted this, but all...
  16. N

    New mic on expensive headset sounds worse than cheap headset mic

    So I used to use some Speedlink ARES headset and they were uncomfortable so I just wore them on one ear, but the microphone is amazing when it comes to quality. Recently I got the HyperX Cloud 2 and they are so comfy but the microphone sounds muffled and bad, tried playing around equalizer apo...
  17. A

    how to enable touch pad on acer laptop

    touch pad switched off how do I enable it
  18. S

    Google Chrome Suddenly Slow

    So I have an MSI GE62 laptop and I really only use Chrome as my browser. Suddenly (as of the past week or so), when I first open Chrome (whether it be as soon as I start my laptop or if it has been running something else before I go to Chrome), it loads very slow. I can search as usual as soon...
  19. omidelf

    What is the meaning of TDP in power consumption of GPU Z?

    So how can i turn that into WATT? i have a 980Ti and my power is 1000 watt and in the gpu Z it says my power consumption is 60% TDP, so whats the meaning of this, how much WATT is my 980Ti using?
  20. L

    Full Screen Problems Just got this monitor, hooked it up to my laptop, wont output full screen, just a small portion Laptop is running at 1366 by 768, connected via hdmi