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    Question Chromebook monitoring for classroom

    Hello everyone I am pretty new to using forums and currently work as an IT assistant for a school district. We have had the question from many teachers about a software that could be used to monitor the students in their classroom that are using a chromebook. The issue arises from very obvious...
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    [SOLVED] Windows 10 - in the classroom/office

    Hey Guys, Thanks in advance for any helpful info! I'm fairly new to IT and even more so with windows pc's, if any of this seems like stuff I should just go and learn I completely understand but thought I would see if you knowledgeable people could throw your 2cts in. So I have the task of...
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    Best GPU for this case + motherboard

    Okay, this is pretty much hypothetical at this point, but I'm still tossing around ideas. What would be the best low profile GPU that would fit in this rig? So far it seems to be the R7 250, which is much too weak of course...