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  1. Proprietary Software

    [SOLVED] Raspbery Pi cluster performance

    I am interested in setting up a Raspberry Pi 3 cluster. But how much processing power would I obtain if I were to set up a 16 PI cluster? Would it be more powerful than an i5 at least?
  2. J

    [SOLVED] Can you put SODIMM RAM into slots on a Raspberry Pi CM3 clusterboard?

    If I took a Raspberry Pi CM3 clusterboard (e.g.: and installed some SODIMM RAM into the slots, would they work?
  3. J

    [SOLVED] Can you use a male to male DIMM riser as a highspeed interconnect between computers in a cluster?

    Can you use a male to male DIMM riser as a high speed interconnect between computers in a cluster? You could get the lower latency than PCIe and a decent amount of bandwidth (according to kanewolf, latency is WAY more important than bandwidth). So would that work?
  4. [SOLVED] Why do we have a master and slave compute cluster setup? Why can't they be equal?

    For this to make sense, look at the EPYC's infinity fabric. You see how all the dies are connected to one another, why can't this work for compute clusters? Instead of having 1 master processor and multiple slave processors, why don't we have them equally connected so any processor can talk to...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] How many PCIe lanes to use to connect computers together for a compute cluster?

    If you are connecting computers over PCIe to become a compute cluster, how many PCIe lanes are enough? Is it x4? x16? Or do you need more (like 2 x16 slots)? Or does it not matter?
  6. M

    2018/2019 Rate My Pc

    I have a 1500$ (AUD). First time going to buy/build this PC. I be using it for gaming/ editing/ streaming and school work. RATE MY PC AND TIPS THANKYOU