Question Two node cluster for Blender rendering ?


Sep 21, 2014
I have two older generation of computers that I would like to setup as a two node cluster for Blender animation rendering/video editing.
One computer has a graphic card and the other computer has no graphic card.
I will be using high speed Ethernet adapter to connect both computer to maximize the duplex transfer rate.
1. Will I be able to share the single graphic card for both computer?
or Will the cluster treat all resources on both computers as one?
2. Both computer has Intel CPU but they are slightly different in terms of processing power.
Is it going to affect the Blender animation rendering/video editing?

Thank you.


The system without the discrete GPU will be allocate CPU rendering power to the server, while the system with the discrete GPU will logically be the master render system, the other one will be a slave. As for the question about the GPU allocation, since the master system will be the one you'll be working off of, you don't nee dot worry about the other platforms lack of a discrete GPU.

You will need to familiarize yourself with command lines for blender rendering. As for your system's please parse the specs to both system's. Often times people think of setting up a render farm and at the end of all things, people realize having one powerful system is a better idea. In fact I must ask, how familiar are you with blender and what sort of work are you planning to do with your farm? If you're just learning, I'd advise against a farm, working off of one system. Once you're familiar with the app and you have substantial need for more power, then look towards setting up a render farm.
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