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  1. S

    Android sound problem

    Sound not coming from android phone. I can hear the caller but the caller cant hear me. However the problem does not occur when I use the earphones. Is it some software or battery problem
  2. R

    PSU or GPU issue?

    My system was running fine with below specs Core2Duo 2.66 GHz on Digilite G41 6GB DDR3 250 GB SATA Zotac GTX 650 Ti Frontech 450W PSU Win 7 Ultimate 64 My HDD crashed and I replaced it with a 1TB SATA. Since then my system goes unbelievably slow when I install the NVidia graphics driver...
  3. T

    Will this power supply fit in my computer

    Will this PSU fit in my computer
  4. J

    Maximus Hero VI Motherboard boot

    Just installed my new asus motherboard but it wont allow me to boot into my hard freezes during the Windows 7 logo animation then resets help please
  5. TheMagicalWallaby

    Silverstone ap123 vs Corsair SP120 Quiet Editions

    I am looking to getting fans for an h105 that will run at a low rpm (800-1100 preferably) while playing cpu heavy games (Battlefield 4 for example). I am wondering which one of these would be better for a low RPM. Please don't answer if you do not know about one fan or the other. I would highly...
  6. C

    Build ready. Could you guys please check for anything wrong?

    Hey all, So the time has finally come--I'm going to order my parts on friday. So I just wanted to do one final check with you all to make sure it'll be a good build especially with no stupid mistakes. This computer is for gaming and some processing-intensive applications. I had a budget in...