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  1. VSS28

    [SOLVED] Can I runne higher RAM speed than the CPU support?

    So I have just installed new memory in my PC DRR4 2x8 3200MHZ. I have put on XMP and it shows that my memory is running 3200MHz in the task manager. But my CPU only suport DDR4-1866/2133. So my question is are the memory actually running 3200MHZ? Can this be harmful to my PC? Can this...
  2. BionicRival

    [SOLVED] Lga 1156 Supported CPUS?

    Hello, I just recently bought a board off of eBay and it’s the Intel DH57JG Lga 1156. I’ve looked at supported CPUs on Intel’s website and it only supports lower end i3 and i5 CPUs. I’ve heard on other threads that they have put in an i7-860 or a Xeon x3470 and worked perfectly. Some people said...
  3. TheMutedDog

    [SOLVED] Does the GIGABYTE B450M S2H motherboard support my AMD A8-9600?

    Hi, guys so I want to buy a new motherboard because the old one's BIOS got corrupted. I choose the GIGABYTE AMD B450M S2H motherboard. But when I looked at the CPU support list I couldn't find my CPU. I mean the socket type's match and there's no TDP issue but I don't know if I should take the...
  4. S

    Question Asus h81m-A won't recognize i5 4590

    I've tried flashing w/ EZ Flash to several versions 0909 or later to try and get this board to read these cpus. I have multiple boards and multiple cpus so I know everything works, they just don't work together. I've tried running the ASUS 4th gen BIOS installer from their support page for this...
  5. MurdyPlay

    [SOLVED] K cpu on non overclockable motherboard

    I have 1155 motherboard MIH67/P67L MB It support only 3 type of cpu: I3 2100 I5 2500 I7 2600 Do i5 2500K (for example) gonna work on that motherboard?
  6. Dogeisilluminati

    So what's up with the lack of stock with GTX 1080/1070s?

    I noticed as I was searching for a casual MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X, I couldn't really find one for mainstream price, Same with 1070's. Seems like 1080 ti's and 1050s are fine, but the others are poorly stocked anywhere I look.
  7. T

    2 monitors and a laptop major mouse lagging

    I just bought a now HP laptop with 2 27es monitors and I am having major mouse lagging. HELP
  8. cooldude8530

    Good/ Bad PSU?

    I am about to build my first pc and i chose this PSU but the problem i have is that if i look at online reviews like amazon they say that its great etc but then when i come to a website like here everyone thinks that its rubbish, so who is right and who i wrong here?