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    Question can't change CPU voltage setting on Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H rev 1.1 motherboard

    I want to overclock my Intel Core i7 2600K CPU to 4.0GHz with my Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H rev 1.1 motherboard. but in the motherboard bios there is no option to change the CPU Core Voltage. If I force Overclock to 4.0GHz the system can boot to the OS normally, but when I check the CPU Z. My CPU...
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    Hello This is my 1st official big computer build. I tried researching the issues I was having but have not been successful in finding the appropriate solutions. Current set up: 9900K overclocked to 5.0GHz stable MSI x390 MEG ACE EVGA 2080ti Corsair Dominator Plat 3200 Kraken x73 AIO cooler EVGA...
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    Question I have 16GB RAM but it's only showing 8GB.

    https://prnt.sc/rklqye please help) :hum::hum::hum::hum: https://prnt.sc/rkludx OS https://prnt.sc/rkm0wt NEW BUILT 2 x 8Gb dual channel if single working
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    Question Why is my memory fluctuating so much on CPU-Z?

    For some odd reason my ram is always switching between 400MHz and 933MHz on CPU-Z DRAM frequency, when it really should be 1200 as my ram is 1 stick of 2400MHz 8GB ram? Is this a glitch or is their any solution I have to fix this? Photos of ram on cpu-z: https://ibb.co/DVCRh49...