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  1. B

    Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB and Gigabyte GA P55A-UD3R

    I want to upgrade the memory on my motherboard, a Gigabyte P55A-UD3R and the memory support list seems to have been left, well, unsupported. I was wondering if the Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB DDR3 in either 1600 or 1333MHz would work in it? I have an i5 750 CPU and it seems the current 1600 MHz...
  2. A

    R9 270X vs R9 280

    First of all, what does the 'x' at the end of Radeon cards mean? I was going to buy a R9 280 (3gb ram) for $260. Then I looked at the older R9 270x (4gb ram) and it is faster and has more ram for the exact same price. what is better? what should I get? Edit: The 270x seems better than the 280x...
  3. uplink-svk

    EVGA GTX 780 SC ACX vs. ASUS Strigx GTX 970 OC

    Greetings, Can any of You tell me which of these two cards is better? Concerning quality/performance/p-consumption/overall? Thank You, Humble regards Bryan
  4. C

    Upgraded parts causing an issue

    I have recently upgraded my mobo, RAM and CPU. After doing all the exchanging in the case and booting it I now get stuck when reaching login screen. As soon as it appears I get vertical lines light blue/light green on my screen. Cant do anything else. I have checked my gpu (ASUS HD7770 2gb...
  5. T

    instal de driver for dvd acer aspire 4739

    my acer aspire 4739 dvd at most times does work the lights turn on and whem I put a cd or dvd it spins but never Works and at most times it does not apear whem I clic in my computer.
  6. S

    SLI Triple screen issue

    Hello, My initial screen & Graphics card setup was as following: 2x MSI Twin Frozr II's 560's (= 2x2 =4 DVI ports ) 2x27" Iiyama 16:9 screens with each a VGA + DVI port, both are plugged in into Card n°1 and have SLI enabled. Since last week I have a playstation and no available TV (occupied by...
  7. rocker19943

    Bright Pixel on Screen

    Hi Today I've finally recieved my asus vg248qe and after running pixel tester to make sure everything is ok, ive detected a pixel that is brighter than the other ones What is this and how to fix it?
  8. D

    Worth buying low and then upgrading?

    I saw a gaming computer on craigslist that i really liked, but i am looking for something quite a bit more powerful, it costs $300, and it has an i3-550, 4gb of ram, vapor radeon 5770 graphics, MSI H57M-ED65 Motherboard, and a 550w PSU. would this be worth buying and then upgrading to say 8 gb...