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    Question I have a problem with my PC screen (display resolution) ?

    Hi, I have a problem with my PC screen. sometimes when I turn off my PC and turn it on again, my pc screen looks crazy, it's like my pc forgot my display resolution and I need to remove my HDMI cable and link it again! when I remove the cable and I link it again, Everything is back to how it was...
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    Question Asus Rog PG35VQ cause eye pain.

    I upgraded from Asus ROG PG348 to Asus PG35vq. I remember that when I started using PG348 my eyes were hurting after few minutes. Blue light filter was set on level 3. The solution for that pain was to decrease brightness level to 44. Now same thing is happening with PG35vq. I also set Blue...
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    [SOLVED] how do i change which graphics card is the power saving card.

    I have a dedicated graphics card, and an integrated one. I've already enabled the integrated gpu in the bios and device manager recognizes it. Now i want a specific app to use this integrated gpu instead of the dedicated one. So i went to display settings - graphics settings - graphics...
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    Question ICC Profile keeps resetting

    Hi, I built a new PC last week and ran into a bunch of issues but one of the last I haven't been able to solve is that my ICC profile keeps resetting after every reboot. I clicked through dozens of posts about this problem but none of the solutions I found have worked for me so far. Things that...