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  1. AtNvme

    Question Global Apps/Games Stutter while mutlitasking

    Hi, So I have recently built myself a brand new shiny computer. A brand new i7-10700K, 16GB of 3600MHz RAM and a placeholder (yet still very powerful) GTX 1660S. Just to make things even better for myself, the CPU is OC'd at a respectable 5.0GHz at all times and the GPU has a 100Mhz OC on both...
  2. E

    Question ICC Profile keeps resetting

    Hi, I built a new PC last week and ran into a bunch of issues but one of the last I haven't been able to solve is that my ICC profile keeps resetting after every reboot. I clicked through dozens of posts about this problem but none of the solutions I found have worked for me so far. Things that...