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  1. J

    Sony vaio E series Not Work Dvd writer & Not show Device manager & Show device manager Unknown driver issue

    My Sony vaio E Series SVE 15115ENB model not Show Dvd writer in this p.c. & Device manager i m trying Registry Troubleshooting & Other Trick but its not work I m find its model Bios update file & tool but not find in this time please help me
  2. N

    New PC cant get into windows!!!

    I just built a brand new pc and had lots of trouble installing windows first with the computer freezing at the first attempt, then I was unable to even get into the windows installation setup. I luckily had another pc so I installed windows onto the drive using that PC, and luckily I wound up...
  3. K

    Best hypervisor or cheap windows server software

    I just got a Dell tower server and want to run a few different vms on it. What is a good cheap supervisor, or does anyone know a cheap way to get windows server?
  4. C

    Ryzen Post Process: how long does it take... including memory validation

    I'm 6 hours into a build that should have taken 1 hour. I've read the Ryzen board takes an "extremely" long time to post. But no one gives a specific time. I'm assuming we are talking less than a few minutes and not hours. Anyone know the answer? Below is a video of my situation...
  5. D

    cheapest gpu so my I7 4790 doesnt bootleneck?

    cheapest gpu so my I7 4790 doesnt bootleneck?
  6. F

    Is this a good Steam VR score?

    I want to get into VR but first I want to know if this is a good score. I don't want to spend 800$ on something that won't look good. Thank you in advanced :) Pic:
  7. brasolis

    Having trouble pinpointing issue causing crashes.

    Recently my computer has started to act up and I'm going off the deep end trying to diagnose the issue. The issue is (semi?)random crashing. At first it was in games, then it spread to everything. Intermittently programs would crash to desktop with 0 warning. Sometimes I could run for an entire...
  8. McLovin01

    ultra slow internet (literally 1 kbps) when using a VPN

    Hi so that's the case with every vpn i tried (tunnel bear, total vpn, spotflux, finch vpn and cyber ghost). i can't load a webpage but hotspot sheild it gives me half my internet speed (1 Mbit/s). 1. why is that? 2. how can i get my full 2 Mbit/s on hotspot sheild 3. what are some other free vpn...
  9. S

    Replacement screen for Dell Inspiron 3147?

    Hi. My kid's Dell Inspiron 3000 3147 11.6 convertible laptop has a cracked screen. Everything works but I don't want her playing with broken glass. Dell can't help. No repair shop in Toronto has the parts. I can't find parts in North America. Should I order one from China? Wait? I take it...
  10. S

    Cannot achieve x16/x16 SLI build

    Hello all, So here is my build Motherboard: Asrock x99 Extreme11 CPU: Intel Core i7-5930k RAM: HyperX Fury DDR4 8gb (x4) VGA: EVGA TitanX SC 12gb (x2) So the issue that I am having is that after I installed the second VGA card, and using Nvidia Inspection tool, it turned out that the second...
  11. Yoann Teodosieff

    Fresh new windows 7 instalation and a lot of trouble.

    Hi, I have a massive problem with 3 different versions of Windows 7. The Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional and Home Premium. All of them are legit. The problem is that when i instal one of them i have no internet and stuff and yeah i need to instal the drivers. I have them all loaded on an USB...
  12. P

    4790k & 970/390 or 6700k & 960/380

    Hello, I'm working on building a new computer in a budget of 1.3k for gaming, video editing, and graphic design. But I'm not sure if I should get a 4790k and a 970/390 or 6700k and a 960/380.
  13. G

    Deciding on Z170 motherboard features

    I am deciding between these two motherboards: (Gigabyte z170mx-gaming 5) (asus z170mm-plus) Can anyone give me a rundown of the two and why one is better than the...
  14. CombustLemons

    Can I underclock my PC to make a terrible PC port run better?

    Now while I don't do overclocking because I've had bad experiences in the past(See my post history) I want to under clock my CPU. Why do I want to do that? Well it all started when I bought Saints Row 2. Before I was a PC gamer so to speak I owned an Xbox 360. I played Saints Row 2 for countless...
  15. S

    MANY random computers connected to mine.

    What is this crap.
  16. S

    Computer turns ON but no signal for display.

    I had this problem before as well but I fixed it by removing the CMOS battery or removing one RAM or just holding the power button for 10s or just restating couple of times... So I disconnected all peripherals (All HDDs except boot drive, DVD), then removed the cmos battery waited about 15...
  17. F

    Formating my laptop

    If I format my laptop will my iTunes backup get deleted?
  18. S

    New build system runs slow when gaming

    Hi I recently built a new pc (my first time) I built it to play modded minecraft as I post my gaming to YouTube the problem is I thought I was powerful enough to handle a few things thrown at it but it is diabolical I get so much lag in game I'm get lag spikes at 60 Fps knocking it Down to 10...
  19. M

    Long running Script Help

    I continually get a message saying sites I try to visit are not responding because of a long running script how do I eliminate this
  20. M

    What do you think of this build?

    Hello people of Tom's Hardware! As the title states, what do you think of this build? My budget is $4,000 or less, but I want the best stuff that money can buy. It would help me out a lot if you could check this build out and give me your opinion. Thank You!!!