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    [SOLVED] gigabyte B450 M DS3H

    gigabyte B450 M ds3h i wass going the buy the ds3h but i am skeptical about the fans headers there is just 2 and i want to use a case with 3 to 4 fans + cpu fan. with R5 2600 rx 550,or 570 not planing for an upgradability path. its okay to use the fans splitters? one header for cpu fan +...
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    Hard disk problem

    Dear all I have recently bought a hard disk StoreJet® 25A3 500G which is working perfectly on my laptop, but the only problem that occurs is when i connect it to Smart Samsung TV to watch movies it could not be detectable whereas the LED light is flashing blue and the Samsung TV is supporting...
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    Gaming Question help

    What fps-kind games can I play on this pc? : cpu intel i3-3217u 1.8ghz gpu intel hd 4000 ram 8gb os windows8 -------------- (i like stuff like battlefield 3 and cod but i want something new) not blacklight retribution or planetside 2