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  1. L

    Question HP Elitebook suddenly not recognizing my external monitors anymore?

    Good morning! I have a weird issue that I haven't found a solution too yet. I started a new job 2 weeks ago where I'm in office half the time and work from home the other half of the time. While in office, I have no issues connecting my HP Elitebook to two external monitors through a docking...
  2. W

    Question High battery wear with low cycle count

    I just replaced my laptop's battery with a genuine replacement off ebay. While the actual battery is from HP itself, it appears to not be new (it was listed as new). According to powercfg's battery report and HWinfo, the battery has 17.2% wear on it with only 2 cycles. It's a 50wh battery...
  3. Rafa9101

    Question Problems with Elitebook 850 HD graphics but only in Windows, Debian works fine ?

    hello, I have a problem with a hp elitebook 850 g4(with latest bios version installed), one day I went to work with it and turned it on, the LED of the power button came on but nothing came on up on the screen., I opened it and cleaned the ram and turned it on again but in Windows 10 it stopped...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] Problem with two laptops and Windows installation

    So my dad brought two laptops home from work some months ago, one for me and one for my Brother, and i decided to get them setup. I installed Windows on mine and used the formating tool in the ISO usb stick boot thingy to format all the fille systems, installation worked out as it should. My...
  5. S

    Question FirePro M5100 in Elitebook 8560W

    Hi all, I hope someone can help me out... I've seen a few videos online of people installing the AMD FirePro M5100 into the HP Elitebook range - 8540w, 8540p, 8560w etc. I've got an 8560w, and have just bought an M5100 to upgrade it, but when I start the laptop, the screen is black. Sometimes...
  6. A

    Should I upgrade?

    Hey all! I've been building my own PCs since a 386-25... It used to be obvious when it was time to upgrade, some game would come out that ran super slow, time to upgrade! But that's not so much the case anymore. I have a system in which most components are from 2012... except the graphics...
  7. M

    laptop shutsoff when moved

    my laptop is ASUS X441U. i just bought it 6 months ago. and after maybe a 3 months it just shuts down when it is moved. then the time and date changes too. my friend also has the same problem. and we both have the same model.
  8. Azfar2017

    Optical vs Laser GAMING mouse

    Hi, been checking/reading/comparing a lot about optical mouse vs laser mouse for gaming. According to my conclusion the optical is the best, maybe am wronged! Any advice?
  9. B

    Hard Drive help please

    I need to replace the hard drive in my laptop (Acer ES1-531). The HDD I've removed from it is a 2.5" 1TB Seagate ST1000LM024, I believe it's a SATA 2. I want to replace it with an SSD, but i don't want to buy on that doesn't fit or has the wrong connectors on it... Will any 2.5" SSD fit or do i...
  10. S

    i7 6700hq too hot after ssd replacement and OS clean install

    Hi there! I just got a Samsung 850 evo 250 gb and i installed it on a Asus N552VX laptop, replacing a toshiba 1tb 5400 rpm hdd. Doing so, i did a win 10 clean install on the ssd and updated the usual drivers. Now for the differences i cannot explain: i use this laptop for some light gaming, like...
  11. S

    Name of old platform dos rpg

    Can't remember the name of an old dos game, this game is in 2d and when the main character kills the mobs they loot mitrhyl armours and adamantium armours with diferent colours of the materials, the prospective was in platform and not in first person but in third the pg was blonde and not...
  12. J

    Can the GTX 1070 handle 2 1440p monitors

    I'm running a 1440p dell monitor and a 1080p acer monitor as a secondary monitor off the EVGA GTX 1070 SC. I want to get rid of the 1080p and get another 1440p dell monitor. So i was just wondering if the 1070 can handle 2 1440p monitors. I'm not planning on playing game on both monitors. 1 for...
  13. J

    Can't open my disk drive!

    I'm having problems with opening my disk drive. I've also tried using a paperclip for the little button below, however, this seems to be stuck. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. I

    [SOLVED] Computer hard crashing, suspected gpu issues (during gaming)

    Hello all, While gaming (and sometimes while watching Twitch.tv streams), my computer occasionally hard freezes, and the only way to fix it is to manually shut off my computer with the power button. I have an extremely high-end gaming computer, which my coworker who is more tech-savvy assisted...
  15. D

    Will this GPU fit on this tower?

    Hello guys will a GIGABYTE GTX 750 Ti 2GB Black Edition fit in a Aerocool V3X Black Edition? Thanks.
  16. A

    How should i upgrade?

    So i'm looking to upgrade my PC and wanted the forums opinion on what i should get(my budget is flexible but i don't want to spend ridiculous amounts of money).I also do need a new graphics card cause i think my other one is dead i was looking at 980's but someone told me that my other parts...
  17. D

    Laptop freezes while gaming

    So my laptop is a Dell Inspiron L502X and for the past few months, while gaming league, it freezes and if im lucky it gives me a message saying "some kernel driver has stopped responding but has now recovered". Then the game continues and freezes again after a a couple of minutes. This happens...
  18. ajinta

    Will larger case help to cool down my SLI graphic cards

    Hello, I am using a Fractal design R4 case, which I love because of its design and practicality, but since I installed second GTX 780, the temps and acustics of them are a bit to high for my taste, as they reached a bit over 80 degress for top card at stock speeds " boost around 1000mhz". With...
  19. T

    Help dunno what to buy RAM for gaming

    my mobo support Memory channels support: dual Non-ECC: Y Supported memory clock speeds:1066, 1333, 1600, 1866 MHz Maximum internal memory: 64 GB Unbuffered memory: Y im really confuse about non-ecc and unbuffered memory, what is best for gaming please help its my 1st time pc builder i dont want...