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  1. Lisakin

    Question PC won't boot (no post), fans spin, GPU error 43

    Hi, my first post, probably should've posted 2 problems in 2 different posts, but they might be related. So, I decided to sell my old PC, components are but PSU Chieftec ctb-650s, GPU MSI GTX 660 Ti OC V1 (with a fan on the side, not in the middle), RAM used...
  2. JzTK

    Question 7900xtx error code 43

    Hi, Since buying my graphics card (7900XTX Nitro+ edition) it comes up with error 43 and will not run properly. Sometimes i am able to run the card properly but the error keeps popping back up. So far i have tried: uninstalling and reinstalling drivers using DDU. reinstalling windows 10 and...
  3. D

    Question error 43 GTX1650 chinese mini pc

    I have one of those chinese mini pc´s that have laptop motherboards, and, the gpu in it was working just fine until he had a power outage and the gpu started displaying error 43 in device manager. The problem started around 6 months ago and for the first 3 months of that period I gaveup in...
  4. Danyboy117

    Question Nvidia gforce 940MX error 43

    Hello There, I have an old 2016 Dell Inspiron 14 7460 (intel core i7 7500U) Laptop, I'm trying to give a new life to this laptop and during Driver installation I noticed its dGPU Nvidia 940MX is not getting detected correctly. It shows Error 43 on the Device Manager. Windows detecs the...
  5. K

    Question What's wrong with my RTX 3070? nvlddmkm and error 43 in device manager

    Hello. I've encountered an issue with my GPU a couple of months ago where after playing a game (CS:GO) I've encountered bugged textures but thought nothing of it because it's a source game. But then my 2nd monitor started blinking black and I've reinstalled the drivers and ever since then the...
  6. T

    Question Mangled screen and horizontal green lines with RTX 3060 Ti ?

    I bought a used RTX 3060 Ti a few weeks ago. I've been running it fine for a few weeks until about a week ago when it died on me. Windows throws a Code 43 error which would indicate a driver issue. However I've uninstalled the drivers with DDU and reinstalled multiple iterations of stable...
  7. P

    Question Please help! New Mobo & CPU = Red dots on screen, stuck on low resolution, GPU not running ?

    Hope you all can help! Very frustrated, searching for a solution is frustrating; there are multiple symptoms so searches get muddled, and the suggestions always amount to "reinstall and update drivers" which is what I've done all day. This is a problem with my desktop after upgrading to 13th...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] GTX 1650 has "error 43" on Asus fx505dt laptop ?

    Hello, I need Your wisdom guys, my GTX 1650 in Asus fx505dt has error 43. Computer works fine with AMD integrated graphics besides big temperatures, i guess they are coming from Nvidia chip or vrams. Can You help me out reviving it? Things ive already done with it: drivers update. Old/newest...
  9. s4v4ge_cut1e

    Question USB error 43

    Hello, everyone! I have little annoying and strange problem. Once i restarted my pc right after i turned it on. I tried to log in, but my laptop keyboard didnt work. I restarted it many times and it did not help me. I looked up in device manager and in USB devices one was with error 43. I...
  10. I

    [SOLVED] GTX 750 Problem

    Hi, I just recently replaced my old broken motherboard (B85-P33v2) with a new one (H81M-DS2v) everything works fine aside from my GPU which is a MSI GTX 750. been getting this error.... Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) i know it works fine because i...
  11. N

    Question Gpu error in device manager (43/19)

    My gpu (780) had problem with the error code 43 but after tryying some ways to repair it it changed from error code 43 to 19 and i cannot find a way to repair this one (most are for keyboards and cd/dvd roms) Please i need help asap!!
  12. M

    [SOLVED] Black screen before BIOS screen, possibly after Windows Update

    Hello, Just started getting a black screen when I turn my PC on. I don't see anything (no motherboard logo, no bios, no windows etc.). System makes noises and lights up as normal, no obvious problems with motherboard, GPU or PSU. I've tried a few different things: Switch the monitor - this...
  13. jakewat97

    Question USB Mouse not working (device descriptor request failed)

    I have recently been hit with a painful issue where my Zowie FK2 (mouse) stopped working after I hit 'hibernate' on my computer. It has happened three times now, the first 2 times I was somehow able to fix it by trying all sorts of different fixes but I accidentally hit hibernate again recently...
  14. N

    Question Error 43 with ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8GB ROG Strix

    I got this GPU in a few days ago, and device manager detects it, but has the error message saying "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)". The first time I booted my PC up with the card after installing the drivers and GPUTweakII from the installation disc...
  15. Cheat_

    Wondering what the best cpu for price is to get

    I'm looking to stream and play some games and edit a tiny bit of video, I want an i7 or something that's better than my current i5 4440. It's a LGA 1150 socket and I'm open to getting a new cooler also. I don't want to spend 300$ on an i7 4790k because honesty that's way too much for me, if you...
  16. E

    Why does my mouse change appearance, to one with older graphics and blue circle, randomly?

    My mouse changes for a few seconds to this shape with a blue circle and old mouse shape. Can someone help me? I ran virus scans but this is still inconsistently happening for a week now. It does this generally, not just in one application. It is normally the mouse on the bottom of this...
  17. M

    Samsung TV no sound after third Oculus Setup

    Hello, I have the following Problem: Yesterday I got an Oculus Rift as a present. I installed it with no problem. Since my PC has only one HDMI slot, I had to use an Displayport to HDMI Adapter for my Samsung TV I use as a Monitor. Usually it is connected through the HDMI Slot. Now I had...
  18. B

    Can't change refresh rate above 60Hz

    Hello guys, I recently bought an ASUS VG248QE. I set upped it with the DisplayPort for DVI, I tried to change refresh rate, but nothing, I can only choose 60 Hertz, I updated all drivers of the pc, I tried to change input of the DisplayPort, after the updates I restared my pc, but still nothing...
  19. S

    HELP (Please dont ingnore) laptop not working and no boot options and mouse pad not working

    Hello i need urgent urgent help my pc is not working and it's a asus x540! upgraded hdd and no mousepad! thats it HELP NOW!!
  20. D

    Need help upgrading current PC Rig

    Hi, I'm currently trying to upgrade my 3 year old gaming rig. I have roughly $700 to invest in optimal component upgrades from my current specs. I'm looking for the most optimal compatible build for the following current components: CPU- Intel Core i5-4570 @3.20GHz RAM- 8GB DDR3 GPU- GeForce...
  21. R

    PSU or GPU issue?

    My system was running fine with below specs Core2Duo 2.66 GHz on Digilite G41 6GB DDR3 250 GB SATA Zotac GTX 650 Ti Frontech 450W PSU Win 7 Ultimate 64 My HDD crashed and I replaced it with a 1TB SATA. Since then my system goes unbelievably slow when I install the NVidia graphics driver...
  22. C

    Cursor dissapearing on game fullscreen

    I have 2 monitors (pc thinks I have 3 but that doesn't matter, think). Now when playing any game on fullscreen (on one screen) game cursor dissapears, I still can move to other screen & there it is but on game it does not show up anything. I tried running several games on windowed mode & that...