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  1. J

    Question ATI Radeon 5450 PCIe not working extended display

    Hi! I have a Radeon 5450 PCIe card that has DVI-I and VGA inputs. I used my old VGA to DVI-I adapter from last decade. I get a duplicate image on the second monitor but the second monitor is not found when I try to detect the displays. I have tried uninstalling video drivers using DDU and...
  2. K

    PC shutting off and wont turn on for a few minutes

    Lately I've been having an issue where my pc will turn off during games, this happens rarely but often enough to be annoying (once a day or every second day). It just suddenly shuts off with no warning and the power button will do nothing for several minutes or if I unplug the PSU and plug it...
  3. T

    Inhouse speeds down by 10 times

    I have 100 MBps broadband. It is being delivered from ONT modem to ZyXel Keenetic Start AP and distributed from there by Wi-Fi and 100 MBps LAN. Smartfones and notebooks usually have up to 40 mbps. Xbox One can have up to 95 MBps via LAN. The problem is PC. It gets 2MBps by Wi-Fi (USB adapter)...
  4. V

    I could use some help optimizing my hard disk partitions

    Hello, I have a bunch of partitions on my hard disk. I think some of them were created when I had windows 8, maybe some created with the upgrade to 8.1 and also with Windows 10. The Windows 10 Disk Management tool shows 9 partitions. The EaseUS Partition Tool shows 12 partitions. I want to...
  5. Irondiva

    How to improve ingame FPS while recording gameplay? Will additional drive help?

    I have an ssd drive that I am using for gameplay recording. I am using external recording device not to overload my laptop with recording. However, I see that ingame fps drops periodically (Every few minutes for a few seconds). Is that possible that my SSD has problem with playing the game and...