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  1. S

    PC with only motherboard, cpu and psu repeatedly turns on and off

    When powering on computer, fans with start running and everything seems normal for about 10 seconds until computer switches off. It will then power itself on again and continue this cycle indefinitely. There is no video output during this. This problem still occurs with only the motherboard...
  2. xSoulMonsterx

    Not sure if my GPU died or just crashed

    Hey guys, I was pugging in CSGO last night when the screen started glitching out (the colours went really weird and squiggly lines shot across the screen). After a couple minutes it went back to normal and I got the usual 'Display drivers have stopped responding and have recovered' windows error...
  3. A

    2gb vs 4gb?

    I'm building a new gaming rig, and i was wondering do I need 4GB of VRAM? I can fit a 160$ card into my budget, and I'm going to do light to moderate 180p gaming.
  4. A

    Dell Inspiron 14 r n4010 RAM upgrade problem plz help

    I have Dell Inspiron 14 r n4010, win 7 x64 , 3GB RAM (1 GB+ 2 GB) 2 slots .Both RAM company- Hynix 1333 Mhz pc3 - 10600s I searched internet , my system suport maximum 8 GB RAM. Yesterday I bought 4 GB RAM , Hynix 4 GB , 1333 Mhz ,pc3 10600u I take out 1 GB RAM and placed 2 GB RAM in that...
  5. E

    I feel like my PC is running on a "sub-par" preformance.

    Hello everyone, I have a PC of mine which I refer to as "budget high-end" as in that I buy a part/upgrade a part every once a year or so. Now I got a big GPU upgrade last year, very happy, and definitely an upgrade from my previous Sapphire Radeon 6770 to a Gigabyte GTX 770. Although this...
  6. Windmm

    Change phone number in Whatsapp?

    Hi guys, I am using Whatsapp on my laptop by following this tutorial: http://lovewhatsapp.com/tutorials/download-whatsapp-windows-pc I don't know how to change my phone number. Can you help me please? Thank you so much!
  7. M

    help with 3d gaming

    so what do i need to play games on 3d do i need to get the nvidia 3d kit 2 and will this screen work Asus vx238h if not suggest other one close to price
  8. M

    Strange Network Connectivity Issue

    My laptop has been having an unusual connection issue with my home network. I can connect to the network just fine, but often the connection will just stop working. The Network menu however claims that I am still connected and still have full bars. Turning off and turning back on the wifi seems...