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  1. D

    [SOLVED] Use DISM restore health to repair offline Windows 10 disk in enclosure from Windows 11 machine ?

    I pulled the Windows 10 disk from another computer because it was corrupted enough that I couldn't run any repair tools or reinstall Windows from within that system with the hard drive booted. I put it in an enclosure attached to my Windows 11 machine. I ran CHKDSK on the Windows 10 drive and it...
  2. E

    Question [Solved] Is it dangerous to connect a 2.5 SATA SSD to a (SATA-powered) 3.5 HDD enclosure?

    I have an old external 3.5-inch HDD. For lack of a normal SATA-USB cable, I want to use its enclosure to connect a 2.5-inch SATA SSD to my PC's USB port. The HDD enclosure has a separate AC power cable. When I opened up the enclosure, I saw the AC power goes directly into the PCB, which has a...
  3. Gazownik

    Question Old external HDD - WD MyBook Essential 2TB - controller problem

    Hello, Lately, my external HDD WD MyBook Essential 1140 (2TB) just stopped being recognized by my PC or any other device. At first, I thought it might be a USB error, but after connecting it to a laptop, smartphone and tv, the result was the same. I disassembled the drive and connected it...
  4. Y

    [SOLVED] HDD from external drive is showing strange partitions

    Hi Experts, I have an old 2TB HDD that I pulled out of an external case a long time ago. I recently hooked it up and I am stuck with the following: image of computer management I have a 233.88Gb RAW partition followed by 1630.14Gb Unallocated I am sure this is wrong - it would have been...
  5. weybrew

    Question Can't format HDD

    I have been trying to format an HDD using your tutorial and the "diskpart" method. Unfortunately after I get to the command line and enter "diskpart" per your tutorial, I do not get a diskpart window to continue. Using Win 10 Pro and trying to format a 2 1/2" Seagate drive that I have completely...
  6. magnificent_90

    Question choose the best external HDD

    Hi I'm buying an external HDD and I've come up with the following models, which one is better? https://consumer.apacer.com/eng/content.php?sn=1670 https://www.silicon-power.com/web/product-Armor_A85 I appreciate your response.
  7. weybrew

    [SOLVED] External HDDs corrupted after Windows 10 update ?

    I have 2 x 5T HDDs as external drives and running in a 2-bay dock. Everything has been working fine until Windows 10 update today. Now I cannot access either drive, instead getting an error msg. saying the drive is corrupt or one saying the files are of an unknown file type. I have another...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Caution regarding Reallocated Sectors Count on CrystalDiskInfo. Is it in trouble?

    Click to see the status of the HDD As the title mentions, with my Hard Disk primarily showing a 'Reallocated Sectors Count' caution, does Hard Disk stand any major risk, or can I safely ignore it? given that I have transferred almost all data to the cloud. Also, will formatting the drive be...
  9. rumalg001

    [SOLVED] Should I replace the external HDD?

    I have checked my external HDD using Crystaldiskinfo.After I copied some files to the HDD Reallocated sectores count increased to 3360 from 3352 in Raw Values sector.What does this means? Should I buy a new HDD? Here are the Screenshots Before copying files https://ibb.co/922cd5F After copying...
  10. E

    [SOLVED] External HDD shows up under Device Manager but not Disk Management

    I have a 2.5in HDD in an external enclosure (it used to be an internal HDD, but when I was replacing my last laptop, I stripped out as much removable stuff as I could, e.g. RAM cards). When I connect it to my new laptop via USB 3.0 (no way to do direct SATA, unfortunately), the computer doesn't...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] The dreaded clicking -- abandon all hope?

    I have a backup external USB hard drive that suddenly lost it while I was backing up a large (4GB) file...progress on the file transfer seemed to stop and a new clicking sound began (a click every 2 seconds or so). Tried power off the drive and then powering back on, tried plugging it into...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] External hard drive for moving files and storage, SSD or HDD?

    So I'm planning to move some big folders from an old computer over to a new one. Mostly video and audio files + project folders and some documents and so on. As an example one folder is 146 GB. For the task I plan to get an external hard drive, and I figured that I could use it to store the...
  13. F

    Question Enclosure HDD not getting detected after putting in Caddy

    Okay, so this is going to be a complicated post - - HDD Momentus - This HDD was installed in my laptop as OS drive and still has OS installed on it. - HDD Orico - This is an HDD taken from an older system and I was using it as external HDD in an Orico enclosure. This drive has some personal...
  14. saifraja

    Question Crystal Disk Info of my 2 hdd & Erratic speed

    I have 3 storage units namely , 250 GB Samsung 860 Evo Internal SSD (newly bought) <---- C Drive 1TB WD BLACK CAVIAR Internal HDD @7200 RPM (+9 yrs old) <----- E/F Dive 500 GB WD Portable Elements External HDD @5400 RPM (+9 yrs old) <---- G Drive...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] WD External HDD clicking problem

    my external hdd stopped working and makes weird noises. opened inside of it then uploaded a video. please help me, i am about to lose 10 years old <<snip>> archive :unsure:
  16. mwasil

    Question MSI H310M PRO-D Cuts power from wifi or USB 3.1 under heavy load

    Hi everyone, It's my first post so hello all! I'm experiencing a problem supposedly with my MSI H310M PRO-D mobo. before I explain, this is my full sys config: Mobo: MSI H310M PRO-D CPU: Coffe Lake i7 8700 (non-K) GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1080ti Turbo OC (blower fan) RAM: 2 x Kingston Predator 16GB...
  17. G

    [SOLVED] What is the connector type of my HDD? And what connector do I need to buy for it to connect to my laptop?

    I have an external harddrive and all the sudden the files were loading extremely slowly. I listened for weird noises but there were none. I tried using a different USB type B micro and it would still have the same problem. The files are still loading and showing up, but the process takes 10 to...
  18. O

    [SOLVED] Samsung external hdd hx-m101tcb/g issue

    when i copy files to my Samsung external hdd the transfer speed is about 3.8 mbps and that's a very slow speed, but when i copy files from external hdd to my pc, the speed is quietly good, about 14 mbps. How can i fix this issue knowing that i recently bought this used external hdd it appears as...
  19. Teekiii

    Question chkdsk is taking forever to fix an external HDD, is there an alternative fast way ?

    Hi everyone, I recieved an external SAMSUNG 500 GB HDD from a friend trying to fix it because he wanted the data on it but couldn't access it, the main problem with the HDD was that when it connects to a PC the windows asks to format it before using it as in the usual message : "You Need to...
  20. I

    Question Installing game from external hdd

    Hello everyone, I want to know if I put an iso game file on my external hdd, can I install it to my default storage which is ssd (which is in my pc case I mean, what is only 240 gb so the iso file and the installed game itself not fit at the same time thats why I want to chose this option)