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  1. G

    Question New Build. Black Screen.

    Hello. I am attempting to build a PC for my wife just so she can play some games and have a better computer than her ancient laptop. I have put it all together and it turns on with mobo LED lit and all fans running but I have a completely black screen. Specs: CPU: AMD Athlon 3000G with Radeon...
  2. V

    Question Keyboard and mouse not working on first boot

    Hello, I tried to install windows 7 ( check out my thread ) and after failure, I tried to install windows 10. When I finish installing and need to type in name of my PC, my keyboard and mouse don't work. They work in BIOS but not here. What could be the problem?
  3. J

    [SOLVED] UEFI Boot Priority (First time build)

    So as the title mentions, I’m brand new to PC building but I managed to finish all the hardware assembly without an issue. Everything seems to be working just fine. (Every part has been purchased brand new) As for what comes next... I’ve read dozens of forum posts and watched tons of YouTube...
  4. LocoMonoco

    Question MSI Motherboard VGA Debug Light First Boot

    I know there are countless posts about this similar subject (which really makes me think this problem is only exclusive to MSI mobos), but I know it isn't. Firstly, I'll start by saying that this is my first time building a PC in a good long while, so I have a generally good understanding of...
  5. xupaii

    [SOLVED] First-time building a computer - won't boot up

    I've just built my first computer, and when I went to press the power button, nothing happened. The HDMI was plugged into the GPU but it was making a static-y noise, which I assume is bad. I reseated the GPU and had the same issue. I double-checked that the CPU is in correctly, which it was, and...
  6. Voxen

    Question Computer always crashes during the first boot of the day and restarts with lower performance.

    Specs: + PSU: Corsair VS550 550W KPC Bulk Edition (CP-9020097-EU/BULK-KP ) Computer is roughly 4-5 years old and hasnt had much in terms of upgrades except the extra kingston sticks of ram So about roughly a week ago my computer started crashing rather frequently...
  7. T

    Question First Boot Cycle after PSU has been turned off? Help!

    Hi guys, I just built a PC. It seems to be working fine but it has some wierd behaviours. First of all it has quite long shutdown/restart time. Much longer than I am used to with other computers. And also, the main problem: When I start the PC after the PSU has been turned off / unplugged the...
  8. J

    [SOLVED] PC First Boot Questions

    So I'm very close to building my first PC (only part left is PSU) and I'm beginning to think about the first boot up. I've heard that if you've done everything correctly your computer should 'post'. Does the post screen look different for everyone depending on the motherboard manufacturer? I...
  9. P

    Question Error code A2 (First boot)

    So I just completed a build and everything appears to work normally but the Q-code is A2. A2 is trouble detecting drives. I've checked the sata cable and switched them out but it still doesn't work. MOBO - Maximus Hero XI SSD - 970 pro HDD - Seagate Barracuda 2 TB
  10. O

    Upgrading Mobo and CPU without formatting

    Hi. I am intending to upgrade some of my hardware. Mobo and CPU. Honestly i'd preffer to only switch the CPU but can't be helped with the socket thing. I did some google searches on upgrading major hardware without reinstalling windows/formatting and the results were mostly mixed. I also found...
  11. I

    Cpu1 cable caught fire

    Upgraded my CPU and motherboard and rebuilt the whole rig inside of a new case, when I turned it on for the first time I heard a cackle and smoke started coming out of it and one of the two 4pin cpu1 power cables had caught fire and burned. Any idea why this happened and what I need to do next...
  12. K

    No video ouput from my motherboard or GPU

    I am new to computers and built one the other day with everything working fine (as of right now). my fans all get power , everything from F-Panel is all connected properly, my ram sticks are both seated propery (they are lighting up which i presume is seated properly), my cpu cooler is all...
  13. Con6612

    I want to upgrade to an AMD Mobo/CPU.

    Hey there, I'm fed up of my old Socket 1366 Intel i7 930, so I'm going to get an AM3+ board and I've undecided the CPU. Firstly, I would like you to recommend a good AM3+ CPU for under £200? Secondly, is this Motherboard decent...
  14. K

    Is this PC a bottleneck?

    Planning on building a gaming pc, wondering if the GTX 960 is too much for the pentium g3258, please keep in mind that I am going to overclock it to close to 4.2 ghz, or maybe 4.4 ghz.
  15. D

    Repeater preventing my devices from connecting to the main router, how do I fix it?

    Hi, I have TPLink modem plus router that also provides a LAN signal to another router that is kept else where. I still couldn't get a signal in one of my rooms for which I bought a zyxel wre2205 repeater. Now when I switch on the repeater all my devices suddenly drop the connection from the...
  16. C

    Is my temperature too high for my Graphics Card?

    I have a Gigabyte 980 ti g1 gaming and i get around 74 degrees on full load but i have seen it go up to 77 degrees. I know that the reference gtx 980 ti full load temperature is 84 degrees. But is my temperatures too high for this specific card? I read the reviews and i see that on most...