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  1. S

    Question can't boot ANYTHING after formatting my laptop and installing win 10 from another computer

    l formatted my entire hdd using ubuntu installed on the extended partition of my hdd. afterwards laptop wouldnt boot any bootable drives: win10, win7, partitioning, uefi on usb disk. it would only go to grub rescue. so l connected my laptop hdd to my pc sata, and i installed win 10 ltsc from...
  2. PetarStev

    Question Can third-party data loss recovery programs really recover every deleted file?

    First of all, I know they can recover many. But I had an incident where I executed the chkdsk /f /r /x command after having the 'can't recognize device descriptor' error. So I restarted my PC as that is the way to execute this particular command, but didn't realize I had my monitor and TV...
  3. M

    Question Formatted drive is not showing up in my pc

    So I recently bought a 3 TB drive and I formatted it and its not showing up in my file explore when I try to use it. I gave it a letter and its showing up in my disk management. I really have no idea what I should do because every 'fix' that I've looked at has been saying to format the drive.