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    Question 3 monitors on GA-A320M-S2H/Ryzen 3 3200G

    Hi I'm just putting together a spec in preparation for building a PC for a friend He needs to have 3 monitors connected. The machine will be used just for business stuff so no high end power needed like for gaming etc. I'm thinking of pairing a Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H motherboard with Ryzen 3...
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    Question Cheap Motherboard compatible with Ryzen 3 3200g

    Hi! Recently I've been finishing searching for parts so I could upgrade one really crappy pc I have for cheap, and wanted to go with the Ryzen 3 3200g with Vega 8 Graphics since I've heard a lot of good things about this APU, plus 8gb of RAM. I started looking for the motherboard and started...
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    Question Bios does not show

    I tried to get to the BIOS settings to modify and I can't access it at all. Whenever my PC boots up there is a short black screen (no signal) and then it starts up with ubuntu but BIOS/boot up screen never appear. I pressed DEL and my computer stayed black, so it is actually 'accessing' it I...
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    [SOLVED] A320M-S2H build not booting to BIOS after first start

    I just finished building my first pc. Specs are: Gigabyte A320M-S2H Motherboard Athlon 200GE Crucial Ballistix 8GB RAM EVGA 450BV Power Supply (Used, but looks to be in pretty good shape) Rosewill FBM-06 (Using integrated graphics for now) After building it, I hooked it up to my monitor and...
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    Question Is Ryzen 1200 3 1st generation or 2nd? and would it work with this motherboard

    im new to building computers, just confused of what generation the ryzen 3 1200 is 1st or 2nd? and would the AMD Ryzen 3 1200 3.1GHz Quad Core AM4 Socket Overclockable Processor me compatible with GA-A320M-S2H ? thanks
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    [SOLVED] Is the Gigabyte B450M S2H A good board?

    I am planning a build with a Ryzen 5 2400g and this board is going for very cheap (55USD). I was wondering if it was a good board, from what I've seen its basically a cut down DS3H with less ports, DIMM slots, etc. Is there any reason to go for the S2H Instead of the DS3H?