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  1. C

    Question Hello Help.

    I cant open games other disk, when I installing games on c disk the game opens manually, but when I installing game on d disk game did not opening.
  2. LordSaske

    Question [HELP] Game and Apps in backround suspends

    Hey guys! Does anyone know how to solve my problem? I almost bought a 165hz monitor when I connected it to the computer, it worked fine, but after a few days the problem started, when I enter a game like GTA V, the game runs for a few minutes properly and then suspends all applications in the...
  3. Matieusz56

    [SOLVED] Trouble with AC Syndicate (probably CPU fault)

    Im having really strange problem with this game. My CPU is intel i5-7400 3.00GHZ 4 cores. The thing is when I've driven chariots the game had to lag sometimes to render blurry textures and that was really annoying. Despite this the FPS were pretty decent but sometimes game just freezed in random...
  4. K

    Question GPU Clock Speed Issue

    When I play a game ,for example Fortnite, I get from 1354mhz to 1700mhz but sometimes under heavy load it drops down to 139mhz and that causes freezing. MSI Afterburner shows GPU1 lost every 3 seconds while I am using only desktop, in games it doesn't say that my GPU1 is lost. I have tried...