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  1. tomtom1298

    Discussion Poll: Astro A50 - VS - SteelSeries Artics Pro (Wireless)

    So, I own a Astro A50 Gen3 for while now. And, slowly I started hating the headset. Or, it’s station... It’s a wonderful headset, good sounding and not too heavy. However, it s basestation... Everyday the rage to successfully plant the headset ON the station, so it can charge... Every night...
  2. J

    Question Are these cables compatible with my rm850x

    Corsair Individually Sleeved Type 4 PSU Cables PCIe, With Dual Connectors, White. Will these cables be compatible with my psu. Rm850x and will only one cable work with my gpu as a dual connection so...
  3. E

    Question Understanding PCIE slots/speeds

    With the prices of drives plummeting and new generations of NVME drives just around the corner I noticed I could double my storage for the same price I paid a year ago. However I am confused on the speed cap I should expect from my available PCIE slot. My board (GA-AB350M-Gaming 3) has a single...
  4. P

    Looking to buy a specific model broken 8800 GTS

    As seen here: I am looking to buy two of these types and don't need them in working condition. The only thing i care about is the cosmetic condition. NX8800GTS
  5. W

    Mouse pad for gaming

    Hey all, following my previous thread I have purchased a Logitech G502 gaming mouse, and I am really happy with it. However I have been recommended to buy a mouse pad, something I do not have and not sure if it is necessary. Do you guys have any suggestions over what kind of mouse pad would be...
  6. M

    Install AMD driver, restarted and windows has "lost" all my added software

    Toshiba Satellite L875D-S7332, 500 gb HD, 2 gb RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium x64 I've spent the past 24 hours reinstalling drivers because I had to do a format and reinstall of Win. The last two driver's I installed (blue tooth and AMD A6 Vision) installed fine and then I had to restart my...