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  1. I

    Question "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR" if i don't set an high VCore Offset

    Hi, i am here because i have a serious problem that i can't solve I get a BSOD "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR" if i don't overclock my CPU with Vcore Offset (i have to put it to +1.35v). It happens randomly but expecially when gaming. - With this Vcore Offset of +1.35v, i don't get any BSOD, so i...
  2. M4ketech

    Question "Whea Uncorrectable Error" with new and old systems ?

    Hello, im going crazy with this "whea uncorrectable error". My old system it was somewhat ok, since i did get BSOD only sometimes, like 2-4 times of week. But now this new system is giving it all the time. I moved only GPU, SSD and HDD from old system and after that i did reinstall windows 10 on...