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  1. snociloL

    Question X570 Aorus Pro Wifi mobo won't boot with my Ryzen 5 5600 ?

    My PC specs: • Ryzen 5 5600 • X570 Aorus Pro WiFi (Bios F37c - literally the latest) • CM MWE Gold 750W V2 White • Deepcool AK400 WH • PNY XLR8 White 3200Mhz 8GB*2 • Kingston NV2 1TB My friend's PC specs: • Ryzen 9 5900x • Ryzen 5 2400G • Gigabyte B450m Aorus Elite • RTX 2060 • Kingston Fury...
  2. magicadey

    Question New z690 aurus and 13600kf.. 5 beeps

    Hi all Just upgraded to gigabyte z690 aurus elite and 13600kf. When I boot up with display port cable in i get5 beeps and it won't boot. It works with an hdmi cable in, but then all I can get is 60hz instead of 75hz. I've read others having thisnproblem but I can't solve I have cable in my...
  3. A

    Question Crucial P1 M.2 SSD is not appearing in BIOS or Windows ?

    Hello. I bought an Gigabyte B550M DS3H motherboard (rev 1.5) and when I get into BIOS the M.2 SSD is not appearing, also it's not appearing in Windows either. Anyone know what may be causing this problem? and how can I solve this?
  4. S

    Question R5 5500 upgrade

    Good day everyone, my current system is a ryzen 3 3100, pared with a Gigabyte a520ds3h and 16gig of 3200mhz ram and a rx470, i mostly play x-plane 11 and in busy places and so forth my fps tumbles to about 23 to 25, im also doing graphic designing, and video editing so my question is, will the...
  5. Xenioz

    Question I can't update my BIOS from my GA-AB350M-Gaming 3-CF.

    Greetings. I was looking for a solution to install an AMD Ryzen 7 5700G processor on a GA AB350M-GAMING 3-CF motherboard, but I couldn't find it. Currently my motherboard has BIOS version F21, I need to update it to F31 to do this I went to the official Gigabyte page in the Support/Downloads...
  6. gsavvaidis

    Question Game Freeze-Black Screen-PC restart while gaming RTX3060 12GB

    Hey Guys I just want to take few opinions before losing my mind over the following issue. I recently purchased a GPU [ Gigabyte RTX3060 12GB Eagle OC ] before that i owned an RX550. As soon as i powered up my RTX i am getting freeze-black screen and instant reboots while gaming( sometimes...
  7. L

    Question CMOS not clearing

    Hi I'm having issues with my pc trying to clear the CMOS, I do have an aorus X470 ultra gaming and I updated the BIOS to the F64a version, I set everything as I used to have and when I tried to play valorant i was getting an error message that secure boot wasn't enabled, checked on system...
  8. K

    Question PC won't boot after BIOS Update ending in a PC Crash 💀

    Yo, hello first im sorry for my English since I'm from Germany and can't speak English excellent but I think its enough. So let's get straight in to it! Motherboard: Gigabyte 450 Gaming/ Gigabyte 450 Gaming X I don't remember Yesterday I wanted to Flash my Bios, so I did it, lime I always did...
  9. M

    Question PC froze on BIOS splash screen, won't power on now - Gigabyte

    Hi, I have an issue which started the other day - I fell asleep with my TV plugged into my GPU via HDMI (often fall asleep to films not on Netflix this way), and woke up to the "Gigabyte Insist on Ultra Durable" screen you normally see during boot. My guess is it would have been on that screen...
  10. talhaskrillx

    Question Will Gigabyte Arorus 5000 series work with PS5?

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to confirm if this will work with ps5. Image : View: I would really appreciate it if someone with the same SSD could share the experience. Thanks
  11. Snakin

    Question Audio and video going dark suddenly

    I updated my pc parts recently and my video and audio have been dying at random at least once per day. When it happens the other parts like the fans and NVIDIA GPU are still working, and I can't restart the pc without turning off the power switch on the powersource. I've been monitoring CPU...
  12. L

    Question Gigabyte Z790 is showing amber CPU Status LED ?

    Finished building a new systems this morning, the exact components are listed here. When I power on the machine, the power on looks good (fans spin, video card LEDs light up, however, the motherboard (Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Elite AX) gives a solid amber on the CPU status LED. In addition, there is...
  13. Ace_on_pc

    Question Enabled csm and secure boot at the same time, now the pc won't post.

    So, my friend was trying to play valorant and as he is on w11 he needs secureboot on and it wasn't working so I thought he should try enabling csm as I wasn't sure what it was but secure boot was enabled. After doing some research it seems like that was a bad idea as they are parallel settings...
  14. ScarLeRenard

    Question Broken Motherboard ? Flashes LED's for a split second then nothing until i unplug the PSU.

    Hello, I'm having issues with a X299 motherboard i have, to a point i created an account here just for that. The thing is, the motherboard, once plugged to a live PSU, flashes it's stand-by LEDs ( That line most motherboards have down at the bottom left + Also a green light just under the I/O...
  15. D

    Question If I provided someone sys specs, is there someone willing to tell me what to change?

    I have 6400 ram and a board that can reach that speed but can't get any more than 3600 at default. XMP doesn't work and anytime I change something manually I get the same result. Can't post with the ram light and I forget the debug code. [redacted] Pls and Thx Motherboard Model Name: X670E...
  16. Kanishka-5

    Question Gigabyte X670E Aorus Master Vs X670E Aorus Xtreme

    Hi All, I am currently able to get a Gigabyte X670E Aorus Xtreme (Open Box) for the same price as a Gigabyte X670E Aorus Master (Brand New) Is there a specific benefit to going with the X670E Aorus Xtreme other than the fact that all M.2 support Gen 5 at the cost of lanes from the GPU?
  17. L

    Question Xeon support on the Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 (rev. 1.3) v2 ?

    Hey was just checking if anyone has successfully got the v2 Ivy Bridge Xeon CPU running on this board. It supports the core i CPUs but it makes me wonder if there xeon counterparts would work ?
  18. J

    Question New system build - i9 13900 based - and review of my planned setup

    Looking for a sense check on this please! :) I'm looking to replace my i7 9700K / RTX 3070Ti / 64Gb DDR4 based system. I've always tended to go with decent spec, overclockable components, but then never overclocked. My initial thoughts for my new system are to do the same (and pretend I might...
  19. L

    Question ATX Power Connect Striped But PC Run Just Fine ?

    my 24 pins motherboard power connector just striped randomly at 3.3v is it normal my pc run just absolutely fine is there something else I'm missing
  20. K

    Question Black screen after updating platform keys ?

    I was trying to turn on Secure Boot because some games demand that feature. After going into the BIOS and updating the platform keys, the PC restarted and never turned on. There is no signal and it can't even get to BIOS. I've tried removing the CMOS battery and putting it in again, removing the...
  21. ObtainedHades

    Question XMP and boot issues with Gigabyte B450M DS3H (rev. 1.x) ?

    I have a problem with my RAM and motherboard. I am using a Gigabyte B450M DS3H (rev. 1.x) motherboard and two 8GB sticks of G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4-3000 CL16-18-18-38 1.35V RAM . I want to enable XMP to run my RAM at its rated speed of 3000MHz, but whenever I do that through BIOS, my system...
  22. R

    Question Friend Bought Used PC - Games Crashing to Desktop

    Greetings, My friend got a new gaming PC from a co worker but it doesn't seem to be working for him. The co worker is pretty trusted so I don't think he'd give him a bad system on purpose. Motherboard: Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming GPU: Gigabyte 2060 6GB CPU: Ryzen 7 2700 8 core 3.2GHz...
  23. NisterOwO

    Question Ram is not working with different cpu

    I have a problem with ram sticks. They both were working fine with ga-78-lmt-s2p and Phenom ll X4 945 but after upgrading cpu to fx-8300 it freeze on bios entry screen and won't load up windows. I tested both sticks separately and seems like it won't boot because of another one. I tried to use...
  24. Zurizon

    Question 4090 not showing display, Fans spinning and Lights up.

    Hi There, hoping someone can help please. I just purchased a 4090 Founders edition to replace my dated 2070 Super, when I plug this into my motherboard (using the supplied power cables with my PSU) The "GEFORCE RTX" led lights up and the fans spin, however I have "no signal" displayed on both...
  25. D

    Question Nothing appearing in "Boot Sequence" on the BIOS; Aorus Z790 Elite Ex

    It identifies my Samsung SSD as connected (M.2), and also the Windows 11 USB I've been attempting to boot. I have TPM and Secure Boot enabled, attempted to disable Secure Boot to run CSM Support to no avail. Wondering if anyone knows a way to directly add a drive to the Boot Sequence on a...
  26. Filledwithchill

    Question 360 AIO with 2 AIO Fans 1 Case Fan

    Hi everyone. I’m running into an issue using my Deepcool 360EX aio in my Corsair 4000d and fitting my Gigabyte OC 4090 in. The 4090 is just ever so slightly a mm too long and I can’t slot it in without the card hitting my middle fan on the aio. My question is if it’s ok to buy a slim case fan...
  27. AdamAhmed

    [SOLVED] Stuck with secure boot enabled Gigabyte Z790

    Hey everyone, just got a new system built and having a terrible time getting Windows 11 installed on the computer. I have 2 empty M.2 hard drives I am trying to freshly install windows onto. This is a Gigabyte Z790 Gaming X AX mobo with a Intel 13900kf CPU. First time starting up the computer...
  28. Dubkiss

    Question H310 S2H BIOS UPDATE

    Hi fellas, i want to update my BIOS to newest driver but im not sure which i need to download because on GIGABYTE site you can choose between 2 versions of motherboard ( rev. 1.x and rev. 1.1 ) current version is probably FN which on GIGABYTE support driver is for 1.1 not 1.x So is my...
  29. WOWDood

    Question PC not giving any signal after turning on some settings in BIOS

    So basically, here's my issue; Looked at some Windows 11 videos and thought that the OS looks cool and was curious to try it out. Tried to update PC from Windows 10 but it said I needed TMP 2.0 and safe boot turned on. So, regretably, I did turned on safe boot first and sadly the last one...
  30. Lindmando

    Question RGB - Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 Issues

    Hello to all! I need some help. Does this board have any way to connect an RGB fan to it? I tried buying this adapter and it didn't work: COOLERMASTER PWM HUB,6 Ports for Addressable RGB Lighting with PWM, 1 to 6 Multi Way Magnetic backplane Splitter 5V/3PIN GB Case Fan Hub Adapter PWM ARGB...
  31. G

    Question I need help please

    Hey everyone, this morning I enabled XMP - then I restarted my pc and Just it Just dont show any display anymore - neither recognizes my keyboard and mouse. I've tryed to reset bios but nothing worked so far. Could anybody help me, please? Motherboard: gigabyte a320m s2h.
  32. W

    Question Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Rev.2 won't completely POST. How to fix?

    System spec: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R rev. 2 Intel Xeon X5680 DDR3 Ripjaws 2133mhz Corsair RM650X Samsung SSD GTX 750ti Palit Kalmx Hello! I decided to change the old thermal paste on the north and south bridge of my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R). Unfortunately Threads on the locking...
  33. M

    Question Capacitor leaking?

    I’ve been trying to diagnosis some blue screens and errors on my computer lately, I’ve got RMA’s in for my gpu, ram, and cpu - but upon taking everything out today - I saw this liquid looking like it’s coming from a capacitor. could this be my culprit? View:
  34. H

    Question Win 11 install stopped

    Bought Usb drive , start install win 11. Stops at connecting me to network . What have I missed ? New built Gigabyte Aero Z790 motherboard . Ethernet connected .
  35. M

    [SOLVED] can I upgrade USB ports via BIOS??

    Hey, peeps! Probably a silly question, but I will still ask it, just to make sure... if I purchase a MoBo that comes with USBs 3.2 Gen 1 ports only, will it be possible to upgrade these ports to Gen 2 via a BIOS update later on? Or it doesn't need to be BIOS update, I'm interested if there's...
  36. S

    Question Microphone goes extremely loud after muting/unmuting

    Not sure under which forum to post this so its here. Im having issues with my microphone being pretty quiet 90% of the time but sometimes it randomly goes extremely loud. I can replicate the problem a 100% of the time by muting on the headset and unmuting. The headset is Razer kraken 3.5mm...
  37. M

    [SOLVED] Did Gigabyte mislead me, or am I not reading this correctly??

    Hey guys! Can someone please clear something up for me? I have a computer that uses this Gigabyte Mobo... GA-H97M-D3H rev. 1.0 And in this MoBo's user manual (both the online, and offline version of it), on page 10 (about installing the RAM modules) it says something that seems to contradict...
  38. Pururaj

    Question Gigabyte P850GM making static/buzzing noise

    I just recently made a new build with a ryzen 7 5700x and an rtx 3080 10gb, everything is running fine until recently my psu started making this buzzing or static noise, its coming right from where the power cord is connected and its not the cord i checked with a different one, the noise is...
  39. H

    Question Im looking for good M.2 storage

    I've building a new system based on Z790 Aero motherboard . Any suggestions ?
  40. M

    Question Which one of these 4 MoBos are better for my specific demands?

    Hey, peeps! After a lot of research on MoBos and their specs I've filtered most of them out and left with only 4 of them that seem appealing to me, and they are: Gigabyte B550M Aorus Pro AX Gigabyte B550l Aorus Pro AX AsRock B550M Steel Legend MSI Pro B550M-VC WiFi Now, here is the thing...