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  1. hiroshixdr

    Question Weird artifacts when playing fortnite and spider-man remastered

    I just got an RTX 3070 so I wanted to test the new fortnite graphics but this happened, and its the same thing that happens when I tried to play spider-man remastered. Theres just these very ugly and pixelated edges, especially on the backpack. And it seems to happen every time I move the...
  2. M

    Question GPU - Random glitches in games

    Hello. I have a problem with my GPU when I play and I was wondering if someone can help me find the problem and if there is something I can try other than buying a new product. I have 2-3 years old GPU - ROG-STRIX-RTX 2080S and few days ago I started noticing very strange and random glitches on...
  3. LeKruk

    Question ASUS ROG STRIX 3070 Keeps freezing, and crashing.

    About a year ago, i bought this card, and paired it with an i5-10600KF CPU (i know i cheaped out, dont pester me, im upgrading in a bit haha) along with 32 GB of ram, and a 1TB SSD. It was a pretty solid build, with upgrading in mind, however since i bought it, I've been having issues that...
  4. M

    Question Graphical problems accross the entire OS

    Hello, I've had this super strange issue with my computer for about 3 months now. It seems like it's gradually getting worse every day. It is quite complex but I'll try to make it as short as possible. 3 months ago, I noticed strange screen tearing in games that appeared only in fullscreen mode...
  5. T

    Question Display issues with MSI B450 Tomahawk Max

    Hey, After many years of using an AMD FX-8320 CPU, I've decided to move on to a newer, faster CPU, AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Box. In order to achieve this, I've changed a few other components of my pc. To be more specific, apart from the CPU mentioned above, I've also bought a new MOBO, MSI B450...
  6. SkittleSteve

    Question All USBs suddenly turn off

    I’ve just gotten a new NVME SSD and reinstalled windows when I installed it because it’d been a while, and while installing everything my USBs started randomly disconnecting every minute or so (all would automatically reconnect except my WiFi antenna USB, which worked after un- and re-...
  7. B

    Question pc shuts off when windows loading

    cant reset pc with windows repair reached 50% and said exit to windows 10 again.. i get to safe mode only flickering lines in screen glitches
  8. R

    Question How can I tell if my graphics card or my monitor is the problem?

    Here's my setup: Surface Book 2 13.5" with a USB-C to DP adapter connected to a Samsung CF791 34" 3440x1440 monitor. Before I ever got this monitor, my laptop has had some strange little visual glitches in the form of pixel-y black lines appearing on the screen very briefly - for about one...
  9. J

    Question Glitch in my taskbar

    Whenever my taskbar goes down and disappears, as it goes down there is a small but very noticeable and annoying gap between the bottom of the taskbar and the bottom of my screen, what is is and how can i fix it?
  10. B

    Question New graphics card is having issues. (Windows 8.1)

    Recently I bought a new graphics card because my old one was having overheating issues. However, I have had nothing but issues with it since. The card itself is a PhysX NVIDIA GT 720 2GB GDDR3. I use a pretty old computer. It's a Dell Studio XPS 8100 from 2007 or 2009 and I use Windows 8.1. I...
  11. viditkothari

    [SOLVED] Computer keeps rebooting (ASRock B85M Mobo)

    System spec: ASRock B85M Pro 4 Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 Intel core i5 4th Gen Corsair VS450 PSU / SPMS Windows 10 Pro No dedicated GPU My build has been working perfectly well for ~year now but yesterday while I was doing some video editing this (glitches in the display when none of...
  12. ben_jamin

    [SOLVED] Video/Audio glitches after PC got too hot

    Hello, I've build my first PC in december (Mini ITX, Asrock, Z390 I7-8700, 16gig Ram, AMD RX 580). The Mini ITX case is stored in a media furniture and is used for both HTPC as light gaming PC. Normally when we game, we open the furniture door so the pc can "breathe". With AC Odessey set to...
  13. mustcan

    Is my PC powerful enough?

    Hello There Would like to ask, did my PC powerful yet? • Z270 UltraGaming • i5 7400 • 2x4Gb Corsair LPX 2666Mhz • Intel Optane 32Gb • Seagte 1TB Barracuda • RX 460 4Gb • 700Watt Psu Thanks. Kmc
  14. F

    Windows update error !!!

    I'm was getting an error whenever I clicked on the check for updates button on my Windows 10 home... After some research i found that it was happening because of the kmspico activator which I used to activate my pirated copy of Windows... And only way to fix this error is to reset my Windows...
  15. M

    Ryzen 5 and Motherboard compatability

    Would this motherboard work with a Ryzen 5 1400? Additonaly, would the motherboard work fine with this memory...
  16. Y

    Suggestions for laptop around $500-700 bugdet

    1. What is your budget? Around $500-700 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? Since I'll be carrying it around for college something that isn't too big is fine. 3. What screen resolution do you want? Don't think it matters seems like most laptops are 1080p 4. Do you...
  17. Ne0Wolf7

    Can I use GPUs of different types in the same computer for different applications?

    Hello, everybody, I'm attempting to build my first computer and have reached a dilemma- I will be using light 3D modeling (Autodesk 123D Design and Austodesk Meshmixer) and light gaming (Minecraft). What I'd like to do to satisfy both programs is this: buy a low end workstation graphics card and...
  18. K

    Blurry Screen with Extended Desktop

    Hi, I have connected my laptop via HDMI to a monitor to use for an extended display. Everything on that monitor looks very blurry even though the resolution is set to 1920X1080. I've tried searching for answers but I can't find anything.. Help!? Laptop info if needed: Alienware 17 R2 Quad core...
  19. Dragster1254

    Should I upgrade my graphics card

    I have a Msi N470GTX and I am looking for a upgrade under $150 (as I have recently built another pc). I found a Msi twin frozr Gtx 660 for $130 used and a Gigabyte Gtx 760 windforce for $140 or should I wait (and increase my budget) for pascal and replace my Gtx 970 in my personal system and put...
  20. Z

    Need help reboting

    I got a Probook 640 by HP. I need to restart, as if i bought it just now. I dont know the password on the pc and dont know the Bios password. i bought it on some site where people sell their stuff. And i cant reach him. Some facts for being more easy: - dont know the bios or admin pass - cd...
  21. B

    Motherboard wont post and constantly buzzes

    I have made 2 other posts about this and i couldnt get it to work, so i will try to explain it more detailed. the day the motherboard wouldnt post and buzzed constantly until i turned it off. I had tried to take the video card out and put it into another computer hoping that it would fix the...
  22. S

    monitor resolution best for rpg's not so much for online shooters

    whats better to go with im ready to pick something from newegg or a rpg take my time and appreciate the view guy. so does that mean i dont need a high refresh rate and better 1440 res? or is it the other way around?
  23. A

    Upgrade from windows 10 insider build 10166 to full windows

    Hello, ive been part of the insider build progragrame for about 3 months before windows 10 was released. Ive been updating my builds regularly but unfortunately just before the full windows was release i went on a trip and Ive come back today. I don't know how to get the full windows and get out...
  24. N

    gtx980 and A10-7870k

    So i recently bought a new system, and I'm worried that my Gtx980 isn't performing as well as it could be, possibly because of my cpu. I assumed that a quad-core at 3.9ghz would be enough to not limit the card, but again, im unsure. FYI i have turned off the built in gpu's on the A10. Thanks
  25. D

    HELP With Buying A Used Gaming PC

    Hi All, I am in the market for a used Intel based gaming system. I came across this build CPU : I5 3570K Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H GPU : GTX 560 Ram : 2x4GB RipJaw-X SSD : 60GB HDD : WD 1TB Case : Coolermaster WIFI and Sound Card + Monitor : BENQ GW2760S 27" LED Gaming Mouse...
  26. A

    my Acer laptop takes too long to boot from startup

    my Acer laptop takes too long to boot from startup. It hangs for about 20-30 minutes before it opens up. But when it has opened, it works just fine.