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  1. F

    Question Minor artifacts in one game only?

    Got a brand new 4070, runs cool and quiet and fast. Gpu core doesn't exceed 67c with the fans set to quiet, Vram doesn't break 82c. I noticed some artifacts in one game only: KSP 2. Very distant terrain sometimes gets little green and purple flashes in the anti aliasing around the edges...
  2. AlexIoan

    Question Please help - - - I'm getting what looks like artifacts in Spider-Man ?

    PC Specs : Ryzen 5 3600 RX 6750 XT 16 GB RAM
  3. C

    Question Are these signs my GPU is dying?

    Hey guys, hope y'all doing good. So I've been having issues with my GPU for a while now, it "blacks out" sometimes while playing, the screen goes black and the fans start spinning 100% speed, but the PC stays on and I also still have audio and my friends can still hear me on discord, but there's...
  4. SharathSK

    [SOLVED] Graphic card artifacts

    Hi guys, i have a Geforce G210 graphics card. After the usage for about 1 hour or 2, the graphics card shows artifacts(green pixels and pink pixels). So, please let me know the reason for the cause and the solution. I even tried adding new thermal paste. But didn't work. Image 1...
  5. L

    Question Is this weird artifact related to my GPU

    Hello, I've been having some weird problems with my laptop for some time now and I can't find anything anywhere. I've even posted another one of my glitches here and I, unfortunately, didn't get any answers. I'm trying my luck again to see if this is something recognizable. Whenever I use...
  6. Riuzah

    [SOLVED] Something wrong with my graphics card (artifact?)

    (it is 100% my gpus fault and not my monitor) so my computer screen is like I dont know how to explain I'll post a picture Image long story short: i found this old pc online I bought it for like $15 and it did not have a gpu so I bought a 8400 gs for $5. so can anyone help me or help me find a...
  7. Krissusp

    [SOLVED] Artifacts and random restarts

    So I recently bought a used Aorus GTX 1080Ti 11GB. Everything was fine at first, but then I started randomly having artifacts, after which my PC restarts. This is starting to happen more and more frequently now. I have all the necessary drivers and software installed. Should I return the GPU or...
  8. B

    [SOLVED] 2060 Super gpu artifacts and turning off

    Hey there, I recently purchased a new nvidia 2060 super 8gb from bestbuy and ran it perfectly fine for about 10 days. Everything worked well, no overheating (stayed around 68c while gaming on max settings.) when I tried booting up OBS for the first time, i got artifacts and the screens shut...
  9. V

    Question Rx 590 Nitro + Boot Fast artifact

    Hi people! About a month ago I bought an AMD Rx 590 Nitro +.When i boot into Windows 10, right before the login picture shows up there is a colored line showing up (not every time though).I don't know what is that but as soon as the pc gets into windows everything normal. These are some...
  10. V

    Question Guys is my RTX 2080 TI defective? Help me decide

    My specs Asus Rog RTX 2080 TI 11GB OC I7 9700K Asus Rog Maximus XI Hero Mobo 2*8GB Gskill trident Ram Acer predator 144hz Monitor It has been 7-8 days since i built my brand new Gaming PC. I right away started gaming on it with games like GTA5,Far cry 5,PUBG,Resident evil etc and everything...