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  1. S

    Question GPU RX480 SAPPHIRE

    Hi guys i've got a problem with my GPU - every time when i try to play a game my pc crashes and the utilization of it is 100% and i really don't know why i'm trying my best to solve it but i can't. I did the render test and my pc it's just crashes down and i can't do nothing with it. This is...
  2. DonBigD

    Question Screen freezes while gaming with an RTX 2060 OC on base clock ?

    As I mentioned, the screen freezes when I start playing and the core clock is on factory settings, but the problem is solved when I lower the core clock to -200 MHz . I don't know why I have to lower the core clock from its base speed. I have been playing on the same factory settings in the past...
  3. fredthesmith

    Question [SOLVED] My computer crashes while gaming with flickering horizontal lines then reboots only when gaming

    Here is a video of what the lines look like. I'm pretty sure it's something with my GPU. View: I used DDU to remove drivers and reinstalled and worked for 1 day before it started again. Has...
  4. slickshots


    please help someone ....... i have a gigabyte ab350 d3v rev 1 motherboard with ryzen 3 2200g amd cpu and 2x8gb ram sticks i had orginally had a nvidia 1050 gtx 4gb graphics card in and i upgraded it for a 1070 8gb but now when ever i try and benchmark test my pc it instantly crashes when it...