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gpu not working

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  1. Hammadkhan8

    Question Zotac GTX 960 2gb not getting detect in Asus H61 BIOS

    My Zotact Gtx 960 2gb isn't getting detected by BIOS. Firstly I plugged it on a Lenovo Thinkcenter m81 motherboard with core i5 2300 but it didn't worked then I changed the board to Asus p8h61-I but used the same cpu & still isn't getting recognized by bios. It always boots to onboard graphics...
  2. Tehan

    [SOLVED] Why does my gpu suddenly turn off

    when I'm using my computer my gpu ( gtx 660 ti ) suddenly turn off displaying no display. all the other components work like the processor , exhaust fan and psu . then after turning off my pc when i turn it on again the psu makes a loud noise while turning on. then i have to disconnect the pci-e...
  3. Clpz

    Question Can't get past the bios screen after installing gt 1030

    I got my gt 1030 back in October. My old gpu is a gt 440, and I felt like upgrading. My motherboard is ECS H61H2-M6 v1.0. So I got the card, put it in and I saw the bios screen. But that was it, I just saw the bios screen and didn't get anywhere after that. I couldn't even press f2 or del to go...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] Radeon HD 7770 suddenly not being detected

    Hello A couple of days ago I started up my PC and there was no signal on the monitor. I tried cleaning it, switching HDMI cable; it did not help. Then I plugged in my VGA in the mobo and monitor so I can use the integrated gpu from i3-8100 ( Intel(R) UHD Grahpics 630 ). It started working. I...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Zotac 1050ti stopped working after unexpected shutdown ?

    Mobo: Gigabyte H81 S2PV Ram: 2x 4gb DDr3 1333Mhz GPU: Zotac 1050ti mini PSU: corsair cv450 (I had a nonbrand 550-watt power supply when the problem starts) (I use an HDMI to VGA converter for my GPU ) Everything was running fine, but one afternoon after an unexpected shutdown, I found out that...
  6. rowenmcc

    Question PC fans on, gpu not working, keyboard n mouse not lit up.

    Hi, so I just built my new pc and at first sight when you turn it on it looks like its working but when i go to set it up, nothing works, the gpu fans aren't on and my rgb keyboard and mouse aren't working, the display says no signal and I dont know what to do. I took out the gpu to see if I...
  7. fucanwetadid

    [SOLVED] GPU ports not working?

    An ex-friend of mine spilled dr. pepper on my pc case and didn't bother telling me. I found this out when my computer randomly shut off, looked inside my case and saw stains on my GPU. Since then, when I try to turn on my pc with the GPU connected, everything sounds and looks fine but nothing...
  8. J

    [SOLVED] Gpu not working

    I recently built a PC yesterday and when I booted the PC everything worked, the GPU fans and RGB were on and working. but its no displaying any signs of it even working in task manager and anywhere I look, also my 2TB hard drive is showing in file explorer but is in task manager. I also cannot...
  9. M

    Question New RX 570 not outputting display after uninstalling old drivers

    Yesterday, my old r9 270x finally failed on me - it still works somewhat, however i cannot install drivers with it without it crashing and so it is basically unusable I ordered an rx 570 in replacement, and installed it today to some success: it worked just fine to start with I then began the...
  10. I

    Question (Resolved) No signal after installing Nvidia drivers

    I installed Nvidia drivers for my 1030, the monitor shows no signal it boots it posts, but no signal, works when I uninstall, the nvidia drivers and connect the dvi cable to the card, also works when I connect the vga cable, it only shows no signal when I install the graphic drivers software...
  11. V

    [SOLVED] 500GB WD black SN750 vs Samsung 970 EVO Plus

    For video editing powered by a i9-9900K, I have had great experience with both suppliers, although it was with mechanical drives with WD. The new WD drive is slightly less expensive..... Appreciate your thoughts....thanks.
  12. T

    Where can I get a Swiftech H240-X?

    Question is in the title, but I will note this extends to either the H240-X or the H220-X. If anyone can find a store that has one and ships to the central U.S. I would greatly appreciate the help!! I almost suspect they quit making them because no one has them in stock. Is this true...
  13. N.Broekhuijsen

    Meet CableMod, A Brand Dedicated To Sleeved PSU Cables

    CableMod is a new brand that makes some very pretty cable sets for power supplies. Meet CableMod, A Brand Dedicated To Sleeved PSU Cables : Read more
  14. B

    Monitor and HDMI worth it?

    Is it worth paying $40 more for a response time of 1ms instead of 2ms and for an extra HDMI port? I'm comparing these two: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-monitor-ve248h and http://pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-monitor-vx248h The other difference would be the physical appearance of the monitor...
  15. I

    Best laptop for a £750

    I have a £750 budget for a laptop. I've been looking at this one on amazon but I've never had a laptop so I'm not sure if it's good for it's price. http://www.amazon.co.uk/MSI-GP70-2PE-026UK-17-3-inch-Bluetooth/dp/B00J2PLCJ2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1407201754&sr=8-2&keywords=msi+laptop Any...