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  1. T

    Question I think I bricked my half-baked linux installation and I can't use grub resdue

    TLDR: Entered grub rescue to fix my system, tried to install normal module. Didn't work. Need help figuring out what to do next. As the title says. About a year ago, I took an old laptop I had and tried to install a linux distribution into it (elementary OS). This was my first time installing...
  2. AnastasisGkikas2006

    [SOLVED] Grub rescue after deleting Ubuntu's partition

    So I deleted ubuntu's partition from windows then I restarted the system and grub rescue is coming up I don't have Windows-Linux CD and I don't have an other computer to download iso's and burn it to a flash drive Is there anyway to get rid of it? Also losing files on windows 10 is not a problem...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] [Windows 10 & 7 dual boot ] Grub Rescue: No Such File or Device: uuid

    So after successfully installing Windows 7 on my windows 10 pc, whenever I boot the computer i get the grub rescue error thingy. I can actually boot into Windows 7 or 10 by pressing f11 and choosing windows boot loader. Both os's work properly, its just like windows is unlinked or something...
  4. R

    Question no operating system, can t do anything in grub rescue

    Hello. I deleted the Linux partition and now when I boot the pc it always appears an error and grub rescue. I typed 'ls' but there are no partitions shown. I tried to boot from an USB with Windows 10 burnt on it but this thing keeps appearing. the only things shown are these : View...
  5. H

    Question GRUB Rescue for Win10/Linux Dual-Boot After Deleting Linux Partition

    Hi guys, Before I'm redirected to another thread, let me say that I've read literally dozens of similar threads that don't completely answer my question. I've been at this since 5am my time. So, I installed Linux on my desktop alongside Windows in its own partition. I have Windows 10 installed...
  6. B

    6th gen intel processor compatible PSUs

    I'm planing to build a skylake desktop and I was wondering if I have to worry about getting a 6th gen intel processor compatible PSUs. I noticed some PSU advertise that they're "Engineered to support 6th generation and Skylake C6/C7 sleep states". Is this just marketing mumbo jumbo or does this...
  7. I

    FX 8350 upgrade issue

    So I've been using my Fx8150 for about 5 years now and my cousin wants me to build him a new PC anyways so I thought I should upgrade to FX8350 and give him my 8150. I got and installed the 8350 today and the first thing I did was to try out my games... CSGO and GTAV to be specific but now I...
  8. C

    Corsair VS550 run in US

    I have a Corsair VS 550 power supply that is run in 220V. Now I have to move to US, so it will be 110V. So can my computer run in this voltage? For more information, I have i54460, HIS R9 270x GPU, 2x4gb ddr3 and a wd hard disk.