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  1. T

    Question Black screen after installing a GTS 450 graphic card on ET 1850

    Hi guys, Im having a black screen after I installed my GTS 450 graphic card. Is it because of the non compatibility of the card with my motherboard? The motherboard Im using is ET1850. Hope anyone can give me some advice for this! Thanks in advance!
  2. T

    Which motherboard company has the faster load screen?

    Hi i would like to know which company (asus, ashrock,gigabyte etc) has the fastest boot time comperable to the other. I have used both asus and ashrock in my build and ashrock is faster. What about other companies? Or is it that the ashrock is the fastest?
  3. N

    Overclocked graphics card keeps crashing

    Hi all. I have the amd sapphire R9 270x 4gb and I have tried to overclock it to gain a few more fps in my games but even overclocking the slightest bit my gpu crashes when playing games I tried increasing the power limit by +1 then +5 but it keeps crashing. I have used msi afterburner and...
  4. S

    Starting a new build.

    Hello, I'm a first time builder. Never really built a computer from the ground up so any, and all critism is welcomed. So for starters I'm trying to basically invest my money. So in advance money isn't really a concern it's more like a every other paycheck throw in some top dollar and build...
  5. M

    Looking for suggestions on fan placement

    I will soon be building my frist computer, and I have the oarts on the way. My case is an MZXT s340, and my cpu cooler is a corsair h100i. The only spot the radiator will go is in the front, and I was wondering if it would be better to have the radiator as a case intake or exhaust. If it is an...
  6. beginer420

    New RAM doesn't work with existing RAM

    Hello, I have bought a new RAM, Transcend 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz of 1.5V .My PC specs are as follows : Motherboard - Gigabyte GA Z97M-D3H Processor - Core i3-4130 3.4Ghz RAM - Starlite 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz of 1.5V OS - Win7 64bit Everthing has worked fine with no...
  7. M

    Restoring a Toshiba NB 205 back to factory settings

    I would like to give this Toshiba to my granddaughter. I have saved all my files to another computer. I want this one restored to factory settings. It's a Toshiba NB 205 and is running Windows 7 starter.
  8. P

    Can't boot Windows 8! Please help!!!

    A few days ago I tried to install Fedora 20 on my Lenovo Z510 Windows 8.1 laptop, but something went wrong. Whenever I turn on my laptop, this shows up: If I select Windows 8, I get this: Does anyone know how I can fix this? My laptop came...
  9. J

    fx 8350 overclocking

    I was wondering if this was a good over clock and want to compare it to others. I have a fx 8350 at 1.41 voltz and I got a stable 4.8 GHz at around 57 degrees under full load. Thanks for the help