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gtx 960 2GB

Forum discussion tagged with gtx 960 2GB.
  1. B

    [SOLVED] How much is a used gtx 960 2gb founders edition worth

    Hi. I recently installed a new foi in my desktop. And I’m wondering how much a used gtx 960 2gb founders edition (blower style) I used it to play medium load games, and still worked fine before the upgrade. I see some gtx 960 2gb’s going for 30 USD and some for 100 USD. In your opinion, with...
  2. bckgll

    Question Low CPU and GPU usage in most games

    I have pretty unbalanced CPU and GPU usage in some games... Sometimes the average is close to the 50's% for both cpu and gpu. In GTA V for example, i play with vsync turned on for the smoothness, but in some areas of the map, the game won't stay at 60 FPS even with low usage of CPU and GPU, and...
  3. Y

    Question Can fluctuations in the gpu fan rpms damage it?

    So I bought a second hand Gigabyte GTX 960 and it does something weird with the fans. When I'm idling it shoots all the way up to high rpms such as 2600, sometimes it reads over 80k !!! on msi afterburner, which is impossible for a fan. I've done a fair bit of research and found out that you...
  4. G

    [SOLVED] is FP1 the front panel connecters in this motherboard?

    Its labled FP1 i uploaded inages of it just need to know if it is the right f-panel connecters or are they not the ones. Motherboard is intel h57 View: https://imgur.com/gallery/It9XlOn
  5. G

    [SOLVED] Is this a 550v power supply or a 230v power supply?

    I am confused to this power supply it is saying mwe 550 white 230v and would it be enough and safe for a gtx 960 2gb Power supply is Cooler Master MWE 550W 80PLUS White Power Supply -...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] GTX 760 Compatibility? Will it fit?

    Motherboard: H61M-DS2 DVI Power Supply (PSU): QUIET ARTIC BLUE 750W ATX PSU 8 PIN -MOLEX - PCI-E & 120mm BLUE FAN POWER SUPPLY Had to copy paste, sorry. But yeah the psu comes with a 6x2+2 pin molex (so there's 12 in total) so there should be enough for the card. I'm just here wondering if...
  7. R

    [SOLVED] FPS drops, FX 6300 at 4.4mhz and a GTX 960.....

    can someone tell me why im getting fram drops in fortnite from like 120fps down to below 40fps and it tends to jump about, its so frustrating
  8. F

    Question GTX 960 won't work

    My friend gave me a GTX 960, when I put it in my pc though, there was a lot of graphical glitches. I asked him about it and he said that he forgot to put in support for the card so now one or more of the VRAM chips have been dislodged. I think this is the problem because when I'm playing a game...
  9. tegacius

    [SOLVED] CPU Upgrade Problems with Motherboard Temperature

    PLZ HELP !!!!! :(((( My motherboard temps get too high I think. I am using I5-3350p and I am about to upgrade to i7-3770k and i think motherboard can overheat :( https://prnt.sc/n9cvl4 https://prnt.sc/n9cut9 When cpu is on stress test (Aida 64) motherboard temp named #1 are normal about 60C...
  10. D

    Question what gpu is best for i5 3470 4gb ram 3.20 ghz with generic power 500 watts?

    what gpu is best for i5 3470 4gb ram 3.20 ghz with generic power 500 watts?
  11. Shinigami187

    Question GTX 960 G1 2g Windforce Upgrade

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/tDpXr6 My current build and what i want to do is find an upgrade from my GTX 960 and mainly want to just focus on 1080p High to Ultra settings on my ultra-wide monitor. Budget is around $200-220 tops and plan to upgrade sometime next month and wanted to know what...