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  1. E

    [SOLVED] Help: GTX 550Ti Query

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and would like to seek your help for my gpu concern. My friend gave me his GTX550ti gpu so i can updgrade my gpu from a very old HD6450, my problem is i am not sure whether my psu can accomodate the card. I've read the specs fo gtx550ti on internet however I am a...
  2. Andreas8660

    [SOLVED] GTX 550ti and i7 3770 graphics simultaneously

    Hi i was wondering if it is possible to use both myt gpu and cpu graphics at the same time so i can hav a tripple monitor setup*?
  3. W

    [SOLVED] Upgrade CPU/GPU for CSGO First?

    Hello everyone, after researching, I found CSGO (Source Engine Generally) is CPU Intensive. So this is My PC: Intel Pentium G2020 GTX 550 Ti 1GB DDR5 4GBs of RAM and I wanna play CS:GO Mainly on my PC. I'm getting lag and low fps cuz of my CPU and GPU. So I currently can upgrade one of these...
  4. E

    Does this work together for no mans sky? HELP!

    So I have bought a new computer and the other day I was thinking (because it hasn't got here yet) will my dual core AMD A4 7300, 8GB (1600mhz) and a GTX 750ti OC be able to run no mans sky. I haven't found any answers so I'm looking to the community if it can just run it on bare minimum or...
  5. E

    0x000007b error when trying to install theme

    System: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, 64-bit. I'm currently trying to install this custom theme. I can get the basic UI working by moving the theme files to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes, but when it comes to replacing the Explorerframe.dll files, it borks my computer. I take ownership of the...
  6. S

    New HDD Woes

    I have a Dell X5450 desktop with an AMD quad core processor running Windows 7 professional 64bit. My new HDD unit is a Western Digital WD Blue 1TB Sata drive and all of my cables are in order and appear to be functioning. I'm planning on installing it as a back up drive, transfering my data on...
  7. G

    Best PSU for under 110$

    Hello, i want to choose a good budget 80+ gold rated PSU for this build: CPU: Intel i7 5820k CPU cooler: Corsair h100i liquid cooler MoBo: ASRock X99 extreme4 Memory(RAM): A-Data XPG Z1 16GB(4x4) DDR4-2400hz Storage: SSD-Samsung 840 EVO 120GB solid state drive HDD-Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB...
  8. G

    Mechanical Keyboard Comparison Help

    I have been searching for my first mechanical keyboard for my gaming PC. I was at Best Buy yesterday and got to type on the Razer Blackwidow but the noise is just too much and I do not like the green backlight. I also got to type on the Logitech G170+ and it felt perfect but probably because it...
  9. V

    Best graphics card?

    What is the best graphics card for gaming? When i say the best i mean is there an absolute hands down best card for gaming?